When Does Amazon Charge You? Here’s What You Need to Know

Originally posted on June 23, 2022 @ 4:35 am

Amazon is the place where most of us spend our dollars to get everything we need. They have some different setups for ordering items such as pre-orders, subscribe and save, back orders, and Amazon Prime membership fees. For all these options, it is good to know when you will be charged.

For pre-orders, Amazon charges a few days after the item is shipped or before shipping. Subscribe and Save and for back-ordered items, Amazon emails a few days before the item being shipped and charges after it is shipped. For the Prime membership fee, Amazon charges monthly or annually, depending on what is chosen at the time of registration.

One, two, or all of these Amazon ordering options may apply to you. Knowing when you’re going to charge can help you plan things out and avoid surprises.

In this article, we will go into detail about what each ordering option is and when you will be charged for it.

When Does Amazon Charge for Pre-Orders?

When you pre-order an item, Amazon charges you when that item is released or shipped. Occasionally, Amazon may charge a few days before shipping. Although you enter your payment information when pre-ordering an item, the card stays on file and is not yet charged.

Pre-ordering is popular on Amazon because it allows consumers to order items that are not yet finished.

If you pre-order an item, you will be lined up to receive it once it is released, and the exact time of charge will depend on the item.

This can be the only way to get your hands on a product without waiting too long after the item is released, especially for high-demand items.

How Amazon Pre-Orders Work

Purchasing an Amazon pre-order is a process similar to any other Amazon purchase. The main difference is that you will not receive it immediately because the item has not been released yet.

Between the time of your order placement and the placement of the order, Amazon will send you email updates so you can keep an eye on what’s happening. If the release date changes, you can manage or cancel your order if you choose to do so.

The advantage of ordering an item on a pre-order is that after it is released, it not only receives but also gets the lowest price. If the price changes, Amazon guarantees the lowest price as long as the item is marked with a “Pre-Order Price Guarantee”.

When Does Amazon Charge for Backordered Items?

If you order an item that is back-ordered from Amazon, you will be charged for sending the item.

Sometimes, a seller on Amazon may have a product that is temporarily out of stock. Amazon allows them to list it until it is back in stock within 30 days.

If an item is backed up, it will show you when to buy it. There will also be a date for the item to be re-stocked.

Note that if there is no time frame for when the item will return to stock, it will not be considered a back order item, and you will not be able to purchase it.

Ordering something on back order is the same as buying. Like a pre-order item, Amazon will email you when the item is back in stock and about to be shipped. Once sent, your credit card will be charged.

How Is Amazon Prime Billed?

Amazon has two different billing options: monthly and annually. Amazon Prime membership fees are:

  • $12.99 per month (plus taxes)
  • $119 per year (plus taxes)

Paying for Prime annually will save you money over the course of the year, but for some, the monthly billing may work better

There is also a prime option for students. If you are a student you can get 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime.

After the free trial period ends, the cost of a Prime Student membership is half the amount of a regular membership – $ 6.49 per month or $ 59 per year.

Prime will ask you what your graduation year is, and after graduation, your membership will return to normal.

You can terminate or terminate your Prime membership at any time. Withdrawing your subscription means you will lose access to prime benefits, but you will not receive a bill.

If you cancel your Prime subscription without availing of any benefits, you can request a full refund. Otherwise, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

The advantage of a pause, if you don’t need Prime for a while, is if you use Amazon Photos. Amazon Photos gives you unlimited storage for your photos when you have Prime.

Canceling your subscription instead of suspending allows your photos to remain where you left off after resuming your subscription.

When Does Amazon Charge for Subscribe and Save?

Amazon charges you for “subscribe and save” items when you send the item.

There are some products you know you will need on a regular basis. Cleaning products, vitamins, or pet food may fall into this category.

When you purchase these products on Amazon, two prices appear: a “one-time order” price and a “subscribe and save” price.

Amazon has the option to subscribe and save which allows you to schedule regular delivery of the item. Sometimes, the cost of subscribing and saving is less than the cost of a one-time order.

Adding items to subscribe and save can also save you a lot of money. If you have enough options to subscribe and save, you can save 5-15% on the item. This is a great way to unlock your savings on something you buy regularly.

Before each delivery, Amazon will send you a reminder email. The email will show you the items, prices, and any applicable discounts that come with your subscription.

If this has increased since your last shipment, this is a good time for you to check the price. They give you a few days to change your order if needed.

You can cancel “Subscribe and Save” at any time or postpone your shipment to the next cycle if you decide you do not need this item yet. A few days after the email, the item is sent when you are charged.


Amazon has a variety of ordering options depending on the item you want and its availability. If you place an order on Amazon that is not being delivered to you immediately, the general rule of thumb is that you will not be charged for this item until the order has been shipped.

Amazon keeps you in the loop via email if anything changes. In the meantime, if you decide to change your mind, you are free to cancel your order.

The cancellation eligibility also applies to Prime, which is billed on a monthly or annual basis. For many people, two days of free shipping is a natural way of life, especially once the epidemic begins. Amazon boxing attacks are a common occurrence in many homes.

Amazon makes it easy to get almost everything you need or need. It is a good idea to know when you will be charged for items that do not have immediate delivery when you shop on Amazon.


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