What’s The Difference Between Amazon Fresh And Whole Foods ?

Originally posted on May 19, 2022 @ 6:57 am

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods marked the beginning of Amazon’s expansion into the grocery business. Since then, Amazon has continued to expand its physical presence, especially with Amazon Fresh.


In this article, we’ll cover the differences between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.

The main differences between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods are the type of grocery and the price points. Amazon Fresh offers a wide selection of products from national brands, private labels, and stores at low prices, while Whole Foods offers organic products at high prices.

We will continue to explore the differences between Amazon Fresh and Hole Foods. We will first cover the exciting news about the Amazon Fresh Store and the innovations offered to its customers.

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The Differences Between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods are targeting different consumer segments. Whole Foods sells natural, organic, and clean foods that serve health-conscious consumers. Amazon Fresh focuses on a wide range of everyday groceries.

They both compliment each other and allow Amazon to reach a wide range of customers. Because Amazon is under the umbrella, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods have the same benefits, especially for prime members.

Consumers can order groceries from both Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods using Amazon’s website or app. Prime members receive free two-hour delivery on orders over $ 35 at eligible locations. The pick-up option is also available for Prime members, which does not require a minimum order.

You can find out on our website if Amazon Fresh is available in your area. To confirm the availability of whole foods, you can click here.

Another difference between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods was that Amazon Fresh did not have a storefront recently. All of Amazon’s latest orders were delivered from Amazon’s warehouses, while Whole Foods orders were delivered from local Whole Foods stores.

But that changed in August 2020 with an announcement from Amazon. Amazon announces the opening of its first Amazon Fresh store in Woodland Hills, CA.

Woodland Hills will be a test store for Amazon Fresh with the potential to expand to other locations. Amazon is planning to open more new stores in the future, so visit their website to find out the location of existing stores.

The Amazon Fresh Store comes with high-tech tools that make grocery shopping to the next level! Amazon also has additional benefits for its customers who shop at the store.

Next, we’ll cover what’s new in Amazon Fresh stores and the added benefits of shopping there.

What Are the Advantages of Shopping at Amazon Fresh Stores?

Amazon combines traditional grocery shopping with the online shopping experience at the new Fresh Store. The store is designed with high-tech gadgets such as Alexa Kiosks to help customers skip store routes and checkout lines on Amazon Dash Cart.

1. Alexa, Your Virtual Grocery Shopping Assistant

Alexa kiosks are available throughout the store to make shopping easier. Customers can ask Alexa where to find grocery items, and Alexa leads them to the right aisle.

But Alexa’s abilities aren’t limited to store instructions. You can also ask about food facts, how to combine food, and even get dinner ideas.

Amazon Fresh customers can use Alexa at home to start a shopping list and continue chatting at the store. With Amazon Dashcart technology, you can check items from Alexa Shopping List as soon as you add them to your cart.

There is no other grocery store that can offer this level of service, and this smart technology puts Amazon ahead of its competitors.

2. No More Checkout Lines With Amazon Dash Cart

Amazon Dash Cart is the shopping cart of the future with built-in smart technology. Using Amazon Dash Cart, users can skip checkout lines at Amazon Fresh stores.

How Does Amazon Dash Cart Work?

Amazon Dash Cart uses sensors and vision algorithms to identify the items in your cart. The cart comes with a screen at the top and allows you to access the Alexa shopping list. You can check items when shopping from your list and attach coupons with the built-in coupon scanner.

When you’re done shopping, you’ll be out of the dedicated Amazon Dashcart Lane without waiting. Amazon will charge your account with a credit card and send a receipt via email.

You can follow the instructions below on how to use the Amazon Dash Cart:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your mobile device and find your QR code.
  2. Scan the QR code on the Amazon Dash Cart screen to sign in
  3. Place your grocery bags in the cart.
  4. Scan your items through the barcode scanner on the cart and place them in your bag
  5. If the light turns orange, remove the item and re-scan.
  6. If the item doesn’t have a barcode, tap “Add PLU item” on the screen and enters the PLU number.
  7. Put the item in your bag and confirm the weight.
  8. When you’re done shopping, go through the Amazon Dash Cart dedicated lane.
  9. Sensors will process your checkout automatically. Return the cart and go.

Using Amazon DashCart is very straightforward. This makes grocery shopping a fun and enjoyable experience, except for long check-outs.

3. Amazon Low-Prices on Groceries

Another benefit of shopping at Amazon Fresh Stores is the low cost of everyday groceries. Amazon has years of operational experience in providing low-cost products to Prime members.

Amazon Fresh stores have a large selection of national brands, in-store food, and Amazon’s high-quality private label products, including 365 by Hole Foods Market.

In addition to the lower prices expected from Amazon, you can earn up to 5% back on Amazon Fresh if you use Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card or Amazon Prime Store Card at checkout.

4. Hub for Amazon.com Pickups and Returns

Amazon Fresh Stores serve as a hub for all Amazon packages. Consumers can pick up or return any package ordered through Amazon at the latest stores.

This is a great convenience for Amazon customers as Amazon Fresh is not only a grocery store but also positioned as a warehouse/distribution center for all Amazon orders.

The stores have a service area where customers can order Amazon packages or online grocery and return products for free.

Amazon eliminates the hassle of returning without the need for boxes, labels, or tapes. Customer service handles the return process and puts the returned items in a package for you.


In this article, we cover the difference between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. We learned that the main difference is the type of product they offer and the price points.

Amazon Fresh is an everyday grocery store with low prices, while Whole Foods focuses more on natural and organic foods.

We also covered the first Amazon Fresh store to open in CA. It could be a game-changer in the grocery industry as it offers high-tech services to customers, such as Amazon Dash Cart and Alexa Voice Assistance Kiosk.

How would Amazon’s competitors respond to Amazon’s innovative services? Only time will tell. But if high-tech innovation is caught up among grocery buyers, Amazon will be ahead of the curve with the benefit of the first mover.





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