What Is the Instacart Waiting list And Can You leave It?

Originally posted on June 5, 2022 @ 3:45 am

With the increasing demand for jobs with flexible schedules in the Gig economy, companies like Instacart have had to set up waiting lists to better manage the number of applicants. Waiting list so you can pick up shifts as soon as possible.

Instacart has a waiting list in regions where consumer demand is not high enough to support the number of applicants to become a buyer. Although the Instacart waiting list cannot be skipped, applicants can find cities that do not have a waitlist by registering with a different zip code.

If you’ve been stuck on the Instacart waiting list for some time, there’s some good news – you don’t have to wait! There are ways to ignore the waiting list and start earning right away.

This article will cover all the things you need to know about joining Instacart as a buyer – from revenue to waiting list logistics.

Why Is There a Waitlist for Instacart?

Instacart has to set up waiting lists in some areas when job demand is much higher than orders coming through the app. If there are too many buyers, there will not be enough work for each of them based on the number of customers.

If the orders are low, but the number of buyers is high, then Instacart spends more than it earns. To avoid this problem, Instacart set a waiting list specified by zip code.

This ensures that any zip code contains a reasonable number of buyers based on customer demand. If there are not enough buyers, Instacart will hire applicants immediately. If they are overcrowded in a particular place, they will wait for the applicants until the number of their employees decreases.

How Long Is the Waitlist for Instacart?

Depending on where you live, you may be on the waiting list for months, while others may be on the waiting list for only a few days. It can be difficult to determine how long the Instacart waitlist is when applying, since the number of applicants varies from zip code to applicant.

If you want to know how long the waiting list is or if you want to get an estimate of when you will be approved, your best option is to contact Instacart Customer Service.

This can be done via email, phone, or chat on their website. By contacting Instacart Customer Service, you will be able to send them your application details, and they can enhance your status.

This will help you determine how soon you will be able to start shopping or you will have to figure out if you should change your application to avoid the waiting list altogether.

Can You Skip the Instacart Waitlist?

While you can’t skip the waiting list on Instacart, just changing the zip code is one way to get around the waitlist and start shopping right away. Each applicant enters a zip code when applying to become an Instacart buyer, and this is usually your home zip code.

If you have been added to the waiting list, it simply means that the zip code you have entered is already fully compatible with the Instacart drivers. So there is no need for additional employees at this time.

However, there may be other zip codes in your general area that are not on the waiting list. To change your zip code in an effort to avoid waiting lists, chat or send an email to Instacart Customer Service on their website.

If you have other zip codes that you would like to purchase, send this zip code to customer service and see which one passes. Once they are able to find someone without a waiting list, your request will pass within 15-20 minutes and you will be allowed to start shopping as soon as possible!

Keep in mind that if you are not ready to change the location of your zip code, there is no way for you to get ahead on the waiting list. In that case, you will have to wait for the spot to open in your area.

Does Shipt Have a Waitlist?

The ship does not always have a waiting list. However, if there is a significant increase in the number of applicants during a given period, there may be a waiting list. This allows Shift to hire as needed and always refer when applicants need to recruit more buyers to meet demand.

This allows Shift to hire as needed and always refer when applicants need to recruit more buyers to meet demand. However, if you submit an application, you can be sure that the customer service employee will reach you when they arrive at your position on the waiting list, and to fill an active position.

How Does Instacart Background Check Work?

Instacart background checks are performed on all applicants to obtain records from local, state and federal agencies so that a complete report of each applicant can be obtained. In addition, Instacart checks each person’s driving record for any traffic violations.

This is especially important because a large part of the work as an Instacart employee is driving. Although Instacart will not reject your application with minor traffic violations, they are looking for any significant issues regarding dangerous behavior or irresponsible driving habits. This eliminates the responsibility of Instacart and makes their delivery more reliable.

However, any applicant who does not have a criminal background or has significant traffic violations or accidents should have no problem obtaining approval as an Instacart driver.

On average, background checks take about ten days to process. However, if there is a large number of applicants at the moment, it can be even longer.

How Much Does Instacart Pay?

According to Glassdoor statistics, store shoppers within Instacart are paid an average of $ 12 per hour, with a ceiling of $ 15 to $ 16 per hour. That’s according to actual figures, which put the average salary at about 80 11.80 an hour.

While this is the average hourly wage that Instacart pays on average, the specific earnings figures depend on how much extra money you can earn from TIPS and where you live.

These two factors can cause slight fluctuations. However, Instacart usually pays the minimum wage. The third factor to consider is how many orders you can complete per hour.

It depends on how far your delivery is from your home location. However, if you are able to make two deliveries per hour, you can earn $ 20 or more per hour, depending on the tips.


While some statistics, such as Instacart’s waiting list for applicants, may be impossible in most areas, applicants can be sure that there is no way out if they get stuck in the waiting list. Is.

With a good response rate and a supportive customer service team, applicants can access Instacart through their website to determine how they can better proceed to bypass the waiting list. ۔


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