What Is Sam’s Club Return Policy? Complete Guide Here

It is the law for stores like Sam’s Club to give customers the opportunity to return goods that do not meet expectations.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Sam’s Club’s return policy, including which items can and cannot be returned. Read on to know more.

What is Sam’s Club’s return policy?

Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to existing members by allowing returns or exchanges on products with few exceptions. Let’s take a closer look at these exceptions.

How long does it take for me to return products to Sam’s Club?

This is the fun part. Sam’s Club allows existing members to return products at any time. While this may not be true with every single product, it covers the majority. Let’s take a closer look at the return policy for different products.

Return at any time Any item that is not listed below
Return within 90 days ElectronicsMajor Appliances
Return within 30 days Commercial heavy equipmentMotorsports items
Return within 14 days Cellphones (prepaid, postpaid, no contract)
No returns Custom-made items gift cards PrescriptionsPrepaid cardsItems purchased through Sam’s Club Wholesale Trading Program
Check with your local Sam’s Club for the following items Beer, wine, and spirit automotive tires and batteriesCigarettes, tobacco products Hearing aids Eyeglasses

How To Return Items To Sam’s Club

You can return your item to Sam’s Club in one of the following ways:

Return in-store

To return an item in-store, simply take the products you wish to return to a customer service desk. You will need to have your original receipt and the debit or credit card you used to pay for the item.

Ship the item

To return items ordered online, complete the following actions:

  • Locate the ‘Order Details’ tab
  • Select ‘Return Item’
  • Print the return label and attach it to the package you wish to return

Remember to include the receipt for the item inside the package. Any refunds will be sent back to the card you used at the time of the online order.

Will I need to pay shipping and delivery charges?

Shipping and delivery charges will only be refunded if the item received is faulty, damaged or the wrong item was sent.

Returning items purchased from Sam’s Club Online

Purchases made online from Sam’s Club may be returned to any club for a refund unless otherwise specified. When purchasing a product, customers are made aware of items that cannot be returned to the store.

Can I return items to Sam’s Club without a receipt?

Getting your receipt for proof of purchase is highly recommended for smooth returns. While Sam’s Club recommends bringing the original receipt, they also understand that receipts can often be inaccurate.

If you do not have your receipt, Sam’s Club will do its best to process the return without it. If Sam’s Club can’t offer a refund, they’re more likely to ask if you want to choose a new product for the cash equivalent.

Whether or not you can return a product to Sam’s Club without a receipt is at the discretion of that particular store.

Can I return products to a different Sam’s Club store?

You may be happy to know that you can return products at any Sam’s Club store at any location. As long as you have the original receipt and the card you paid for the item with (if a card was used), you shouldn’t have a problem.

The only items you cannot return are the items described above in the article such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

Can I return items that were purchased in-store for a refund?
Unfortunately, items purchased at a Sam’s Club store cannot be returned. Actually, this is not entirely true. They can be sent back, but only through their online system. Returning online orders is a hassle and requires customers to print labels. So, it’s probably easier to go back to Sam’s Club Store.

Can I return something I’ve opened?

Of course! Sometimes, especially with electronic devices, you may not be aware of any malfunctions until you plug them in. You don’t always need a valid reason to return an item, maybe you just don’t like the color!

What’s important when returning a product is that you have the product, the packaging (unless it’s torn), and the method you paid for. It is also worth noting that the product must be returned with any items included with the product such as cable leads, paperwork, remote control, etc.

Can I return items purchased in bulk from Sam’s Club?

Products purchased in bulk cannot be returned to Sam’s Club unless they are damaged or defective. To do so, the customer must provide photographic proof within 72 hours of receiving the faulty or damaged order.

If a customer places an order to be shipped to a third-party facility or freight forwarder, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the items arrive at the specified destination free of any damage.

Last Thinking

Sam’s Club’s return policy allows products to be returned at any time for a full refund. However, there are some exceptions, and products such as electronics, motorsports items, and cell phones have a specific time frame in which returns will be accepted.

If you want to return a product to Sam’s Club, you’ll need to keep the original receipt with you, and the card you paid for any of these items for a hassle-free return.

If you have more questions about Sam’s Club’s return policy, visit your local store or contact Sam’s Club by phone or email.


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