Uber Eats No Delivery Service Nearby What does it mean? (And How Can I Fix It?)

Originally posted on February 7, 2022 @ 5:42 am

If you have ever tried to order Uber Eats and you have been informed that there is no courier nearby, you know how frustrating it is! But if you’re not sure what that means, you’re not alone.

Uber Eats No Delivery Service Nearby What does it mean? (And How Can I Fix It?)

When Uber Eats brings a “No courier nearby” notification, it means that they have sent your order to a courier in your area, and no one was able to receive your request. This could be because they are all busy or nobody is working at the moment. Regardless, no one can receive your order.

If this is a problem you often encounter, you can do a few things about it. This article will tell you how to solve this problem and how it will affect your food delivery experience.

How to Fix Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby

For some people living in more rural areas, having no courier nearby can be a common problem. This is what happens when you are ordering at weird times when people are not working.

If you are having this problem, the best way to fix it is to change your priority from delivery to delivery. From here, you have two options, either choose to place your order yourself or select the restaurant from which you want to place the order and change the order back to delivery.

Often when a particular restaurant is selected, the order request goes to the various couriers that are typical of the restaurant, increasing the chances of finding a courier for your delivery.

If you complete the process and still can’t find the courier, you may have to pick up your own food. You can still order through Uber Eats and pick it up from the restaurant.

While this can be a hassle for many people, sometimes it is the only option if you do not receive a courier even after a few minutes.

What Happens if Uber Eats Can’t Find a Delivery Driver?

If you place an order on Uber Eats and the service cannot find a delivery driver for your order, the money will be refunded to your card, and the order will be canceled. This is the basic protocol for all Uber services to avoid any long-lasting orders or unacceptable waiting times.

If this causes your order to be canceled, it is best to wait a few minutes and re-order to see if a new delivery driver is available for your order.

If you are ordering lunch, all the drivers may be busy. By waiting 20-30 minutes, you can catch them after the second delivery. In that case, they can take your order after finishing the second delivery.

If you’re ordering at a weird time when most drivers are offline, you may not be the delivery driver waiting. In that case, if you keep ordering, you will probably face the same problem.

Can You Cancel an Uber Eats Order if It Takes Too Long?

If the delivery is taking too long, you can always cancel the Uber Eats order. However, keep in mind that depending on when you choose to cancel, there may be a cancellation fee. This is mainly due to the driver’s fee if they are already on the way with your order.

If you need to cancel the order, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Open your Uber app and go to the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the receipt icon and select your current order
  3. On the order screen, you will see “cancel order”
  4. Once you hit that button, you will see a confirmation in which you’ll need to hit “cancel order” once again
  5. The order will be confirmed as canceled, and you’ll then be able to provide feedback to Uber about why you canceled the order
  6. Tap “done” and you can return to the order page

Remember that you can cancel the order for any reason. When Uber Eats inquires about why you’re canceling, it’s only for their customer service feedback, not because they determine if you can cancel or not. ۔

Do You Get Charged if You Cancel Your Uber Eats Order?

Whether or not you are charged for canceling Uber Eats depends on the stage of your food order. If you cancel the order before the restaurant accepts the order request (usually within minutes), you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel the order after receiving and accepting the order from the restaurant, you will receive a partial refund from Uber Eats.

In addition, if you are able to cancel after placing an order, but before the driver picks it up, you will receive a partial refund. Therefore, if you place an order and charge a cancellation, it is because your order has already been processed.

The partial charge is due to the time required to stop in the middle of the road due to loss of food and cancellation of the restaurant and driver.

Will Uber Eats Refund the Cancellation Charge?

Uber Eats never promises a refund on any order or cancellation, so it is up to customer service to decide on a case-by-case basis. However, for the most part, you will not be able to get a full refund even if you reach out to customer service after canceling the order.

If you have received only a partial refund upon cancellation and contact customer service, it is unlikely that they will refund you in full until the cancellation of any of their partners. Don’t get me wrong

This means that if their driver never brings you food or anything like that, they will consider refunding you because the cancellation is out of your control.

However, this is highly dependent, and therefore, you should never rely on a refund or assume that you will receive a full refund for any order placed through Uber Eats.


If you are ordering from Uber Eats and you are informed that you cannot complete the order because no driver is available to accept delivery, try changing your preferences first to refresh those drivers. Can be ordered.

If you are still unable to place an order at this location, you may be forced to choose a pick-up option and pick up your own food. If the order passes, but the driver cancels, or Uber Eats doesn’t find the driver, they will automatically cancel the order and give you a full refund.

If you choose to cancel your order because it is taking too long, make sure the order is ready. If it is ahead and the restaurant has started preparing your food or the driver has picked it up, you will not get a full refund.

This is because Uber Eats still needs to pay its partners for the food and time used by your order.

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