Uber Eats Gift Cards: Where Can We Buy And Can We Use Them

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Gift playing cards for famous services like Uber Eats have skyrocketed in income as more and more customers are turning to meals transport services in preference to going out to consume. The use of present playing cards on those offerings has in addition delivered convenience to each meal purchase, making every order a bit simpler.

Uber Eats Gift Cards

Uber Eats present cards can be purchased at several retailers like Target, Best Buy, Kroger, and Amazon, similar to the Uber website or the app. Uber accepts the extensive type of charge strategies. You will pay to your Uber Eats order using Uber Eats present playing cards, pay as you go playing cards, credit score/debit playing cards, or even PayPal and Venmo.

Whether you’re new to Uber Eats, or you are navigating a present card buy once again, make sure you know all the restrictions and policies on gift playing cards earlier than shopping!

This article will review the way to use your Uber Eats gift card, wherein to shop for it, and the logistics of ordering Uber Eats with distinct charge strategies.

How Can We Use Uber Eats Gift Cards?

After receiving a present card, you’ll need to know the way to add it to your Uber Eats app as a price technique.

To use your gift card finances, here are the steps you’ll want to comply with:

  1. After beginning the app, navigate to the “account” tab. This will be within the decreased right-hand nook of the screen.
  2. You will then need to select the “pockets” choice
  3. Tap “add price approach”
  4. Select “gift card” from the drop-down listing that appears
  5. Fill to your gift card facts, and the card can be brought in your charge strategies
    By following the simple steps mentioned above, your present card statistics could be stored on the app, and you’ll be capable of using it on destiny purchases until the funds have been used in their entirety.

If you’re the usage of Uber Eats pickup, you can still utilize your present card as a fee method because the restaurant has to pay Uber a rate irrespective of whether it’s miles picked up or brought.

Does Uber Eat Gift Cards Expire?

While Uber Eats presents playing cards by no means expire, they do have a few regulations to be aware of. Uber Eats present cards aren’t refundable. Therefore, once you have purchased the cardboard, you will need to use it at some point. Since they do now not expire, this will make the no refund policy a chunk less complicated to navigate.

Next, the present card can not get replaced if it’s miles lost or stolen. Because of this, it’s far surprisingly endorsed to add the gift card balance to your Uber Eats pockets right away after receiving the cardboard.

This way, you do now not want to worry about misplacing it and missing out on the cash you received.

By adding the budget proper away, you’re securing your money so that you will now not discover yourself in an unlucky state of affairs wherein your card can not be replaced.

On Uber Eats Can You Use Restaurant Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, even if you have a present card to an eating place this is on Uber Eats, you can’t use that present card in your buy. The reason is simple and revolves around who owns the money used to pay for the present card.

When procuring a present card to an eating place, you are paying them all of the money you owe on your meals ahead of time. They acquire a hundred% of the cash paid and do not must break up it with any other vendor.

Alternatively, while paying via a delivery carrier like Uber Eats, a percentage of the money goes to the restaurant, a percentage to Uber Eats, and a portion to the drivers.

Therefore, the best Uber Eats gift playing cards may be used to make sure that Uber is getting the whole price of the order and may allocate the price range, therefore.

Does Uber Eats Take Visa Prepaid Gift Cards?

Unlike numerous other transport services, Uber Eats accepts prepaid present playing cards and debit playing cards, consisting of visa prepaid gift playing cards.

Uber accepts a wide kind of charge strategy which opens up their purchaser’s alternatives as most clients have access to a popular charge method.

When using pay-as-you-go cards like Visa, your best choice is to paste to Uber Eats as your transport provider as the relaxation of the meals transport apps do now not receive these prepaid debit playing cards and present playing cards.

Does Uber Gift Card Work for Uber Eats?

Uber gift playing cards can be used both for rides and for Uber Eats orders. Keep in mind that for each of these alternatives, you’ll want to apply for the card in us of it become bought in. Therefore, your card may be used for both services but can not move borders and oceans with you.

However, with the ability to use Uber present cards for rides and meals orders, through gifting or receiving a present card, you have options as to the way you’d like to apply for the money.

This offers more opportunities with the gift card and can be the precise gift as the majority utilize one of the two offerings through Uber.

Why Is The Reason For Not Working On Uber Eats Gift Card?

If you are trying to check out along with your Uber Eats gift card and it is not working, there are some ways to troubleshoot the hassle. First, check to see if you have a secondary charge method saved on your account. Although you’re the usage of a present card, Uber calls for a credit score card to additionally be on record.

Since gift card purchases can every so often not cover the whole thing of the fee or do now not undergo correctly, Uber requires a secondary form of price to make sure that your order will go through irrespective of what happens along with your fee.

If you haven’t brought a secondary price method, you will no longer be capable of putting your order through with the Uber Eats present card.

If you’ve got a secondary price technique added and your present card still isn’t always operating, double-test that you put the gift card data effectively.

If this is prepared, take a look to ensure you have cash on the present card as you will no longer be capable of using it anymore if it doesn’t have any money left on it.


Uber Eats is one of the most popular offerings due to the fact it’s miles very user-pleasant and smooth to navigate. With several price methods ordinary on the website and an easy manner for including gift card balances to your account, making use of present playing cards at the platform has never been less complicated.

And for folks that do now not use meals shipping offerings a lot, the ability to apply for Uber gift cards on each ride and food order opens up new options for users.

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