Stop & Shop Delivery – How To Order Online At Stop And Shop

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If you need some extra time in your day or are afraid to go to the grocery store, Stop & Shop Delivery is a great service for you. It is available in five northeastern US states.

Stop & Shop Delivery - How To Order Online At Stop And Shop

Stop & Shop Delivery – How To Order Online At Stop And Shop

You can place an order of stop and shop delivery with a minimum order of $ 60 using their app or website. Stop & Shop Delivery costs $ 9.95 for orders between-60- $ 100 and $ 6.95 for orders over $ 100. GO Pass members receive free delivery. You can use digital coupons online and accept EBT for stop and shop delivery orders.

There are also plenty of opportunities to save money at Stop & Shop. With digital coupons and the GO Rewards program, you are sure to get a great deal. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of your next stop and shop delivery.

How Does Stop and Shop Delivery Work?

Stop and shop delivery can be ordered from their app or website. You will order online, then the shoppers in the store select the best quality items and pack them for delivery. You will need to choose the address and time of delivery, and your grocery will be delivered directly to your door.

The minimum order size for stop and shop delivery is $ 60. In addition to the total of your order, you will be charged a delivery fee that varies with the size of your order.

When placing an order, you can indicate if you want to go home at the time of delivery of the order. Select “Attended Delivery” at checkout if you are at home to accept your order.

If you are not at home, you can also choose “Absent Delivery”, and the delivery driver will drop your grocery in front of your front door in temperature control boxes.

If you choose Attended Delivery, make sure you are at home to receive the order; otherwise, you will be charged an additional 15 for re-delivery.

If you wish to change your delivery order after checking out, you must contact the store where you placed the order or call Stop & Shop Delivery Customer Service at 1-800-767-7772. ۔
If you need to cancel your stop and shop delivery order, you can only do so if you still see the items in your cart.

First, log in to your account to view your shopping cart. After logging in, you will see the option to cancel the order after selecting the “Cart” button.

Sometimes, you may find something unacceptable. If you would like a refund for any item, please get in touch with Stop & Shop Delivery Customer Service at 1-800-767-7772.

You must contact Stop & Shop Customer Service before the item expires or within seven days of delivery, whichever comes first.

How to Order Stop and Shop Online

You can order Stop & Shop online through their app or website. You must have a stop and shop card to place an order for delivery. Both the Stop & Shop app and the website allow you to schedule delivery, and they have digital coupons that you can clip and apply to your order.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for stop and shop delivery:

1. First, sign up for an account with Stop and Shop. You will navigate to the bottom right tab that says ‘More’ to set up an account on the app. You will then be prompted to link an existing card to the account, or you can register for a new one.

2. Return to the main screen of the app to shop. On the top right of the screen, you will see “Delivery”. Select this to enter your zip code, and then you are ready to shop.

3. Find all your groceries by searching for each item. If you aren’t sure what you want, you can also select ‘Browse Aisles’ to see available at your local Stop and Shop. Use filters to browse by specific categories.

4. Add any items you want to your cart. Some items have an option for substitutions if the in-store shopper cannot find the item you ordered. If you don’t want the substitution, deselect this option. Then, when you are done shopping, go to your cart to review the order.

5. Click “Checkout”. You will then be prompted to select a delivery time. Note that if you select “Attended Delivery”, you will need to be home within the time window to receive the order.

Paypal at Stop and Shop

PayPal is used to be responsible for stop and shop delivery. However, Stop & Shop no longer use PayPal for grocery delivery. Instead, pick-up and delivery orders are placed directly through the Stop & Shop app or website. Users will need to integrate their Peapod and Stop and Shop accounts.

If you’ve used Peapod before and have an account, you can still earn rewards by using it with Stop & Shop

Just sign in to the Stop & Shop website using your sign-in information from your Peapod account. Then, you’ll add your Stop and Shop rewards card to combine the two accounts.

How Much Does Stop and Shop Delivery Cost?

Stop & Shop Delivery costs either $ 6.95 or $ 9.95. For orders that cost $60-$100, the delivery fee is $9.95. For orders over $100, the delivery fee is reduced to $6.95. You can also purchase a GO Pass subscription, which costs monthly but offers you free delivery services on all orders over $ 100.

The GO Pass subscription is available to all residential customers near stops. The monthly subscription costs 12.95, but you can save a few extra dollars by purchasing an annual subscription for $119.

Because of the minimum order size and an additional delivery fee, it is best to use stop-and-shop delivery for your large grocery shopping trips.

Whether shopping for the family or just hoarding for yourself, try to make large purchases to maximize delivery value.

Does Stop and Shop Use Instacart?

Stop & Shop uses InstaCart in addition to its delivery service. If you choose to use Instacart for your grocery delivery, you must purchase through the Instacart app or website. An Instacart buyer will purchase and deliver all of your groceries, which can be faster than Stop & Shop.

Instacart is also a great option if you want to place a delivery order from Stop & Shop but still talk to your buyer.

Using Instacart, you can message your buyer to explain the alternative and even request additional items that you forgot to order.

How to Use Stop and Shop Digital Coupons

You must have a Stop & Shop card and an account to use digital coupons. After that, you can browse the app for a discount by clicking on “Coupons” from the main screen. Coupons will also appear when you search for specific items. Clip the coupon to get a discount and apply it to your order.

You must load digital coupons on your stop and shop cards so that they apply to your order. To do so, click ‘Clip Coupon’. Then wait a few minutes for the coupon to fully load on your card. Otherwise, some concessions may not apply.

Stop and Shop Card & GO Points

To enrol in the GO Rewards program, you must have a Stop and Shop card. Each time you make a purchase, you get 1 GO reward point for every dollar you spend. You also can earn extra points, and these offers are based on previous shopping trips. You can redeem these points for rewards, including grocery and gas discounts.

If you do not have a Stop and Shop card, you can apply for this card online or at the customer service desk in a local store. Signing up online will give you access to all the best deals.

You will want to know when you make a purchase and earn points because they will expire 30 days after you earn points.

That’s why it’s easy to have an app – you can easily redeem points from your phone wherever you are.

Sign up for the Stop & Shop GO Rewards here if you haven’t already. With just one purchase, you may have enough points to get a discount on a stop and shop delivery order!

Do Stop and Shop Take EBT Online?

SNAP accepts EBT payments for stop and shops online orders. The USDA has approved stop & Shop as an online shopping pilot program. Each SNAP EBT eligible item is labelled while browsing on the app and website. You can even filter your search results to show only eligible items for SNAP.

SNAP EBT benefits can be used for online stop and shop pickups or delivery orders, as long as your account is set up.

First, add your SNAP EBT information to your Stop & Shop account under “Payment Information”. Then, you will be able to select ‘Apply for SNAP benefits’ during checkout.

Then, you will enter the amount you want to receive in your EBT account and enter your PIN to use the funds. These funds will apply to eligible SNAP items, and any remaining funds will be returned to the EBT card.

Here are a few things you should know when shopping with SNAP EBT at Stop and Shop online:

  • There is no minimum order size if you pay for the order with your SNAP EBT card.
  • You can use coupons and promo codes with your SNAP benefits, but you should add all coupons and promo codes BEFORE using the benefits.
  • You will need to have an additional payment method on file to pay for any items or service that is not SNAP-eligible

WIC does not accept online benefits for stop-and-shop delivery or pickup. Therefore, you will need to make in-store purchases to use your WIC benefits at the Stop and Shop.

Visit the USDA website for a complete list of grocery stores accepting online EBT payments in your state.

Do You Tip Stop and Shop Delivery?

Stop & Shop indicates that tipping delivery drivers are accepted but not expected. However, delivery drivers are very appreciative of any suggestions. We recommend that you tip your stop and shop delivery driver 15-20%. You can add a tip when ordering online or tipping at the place of delivery.

The easiest way to add a tip to your delivery order is to do it online. However, if you want to wait until your grocery is received, you can personally tip your driver when he places your order.

Even if you choose an absent delivery, you can still drop it off at the drop-off point where the driver will see it.


Stop & Shop Delivery makes grocery shopping an easy task. Delivering groceries will not only save you time but also save money through digital coupons and GO points. Sign up today with Stop & Shop and deliver your next grocery delivery to your door!

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