Is DashPass Worth It In 2022?

Originally posted on July 4, 2022 @ 5:37 am

If you’re a big fan of order, you probably have your favorite platforms. If so, a monthly subscription pass might mean something to you. Food Delivery Services has introduced monthly pass options that come with perks, making it a viable option for those who are less inclined to cook in the kitchen.

DoorDash is one of those platforms, and they have DashPass. But is Dash Pass membership worth it?

DashPass members receive free delivery on selected restaurant orders. If you live in a city with qualified restaurants and your monthly delivery fee is over $ 9.99, DashPass is worth it. If you do not live in a city with qualified restaurants or your average delivery fee is less than $ 9.99 per month, this is not worth it.

This article will serve as a jumping point on whether or not you should consider a dash pass. We’ll talk about the details that include DashPass – discounts, costs, and any other details you need to know before deciding if buying one is the right move for you.

What Is DashPass?

DashPass is a DoorDash subscription service. According to DoorDash, it offers unlimited delivery from thousands of restaurants. On eligible orders and with eligible restaurants, the delivery fee is either $ 0 or less.

For DashPass, your monthly subscription charges you a فیس 0 delivery fee on selected restaurant orders. For restaurants that are not selected, your service fee is reduced if the order exceeds $ 12.

DashPass is currently only available in Canada and the United States, which means the pass is not authorized for any other international readers outside of there.

DashPass also includes other benefits with membership. There is preferential customer service for DashPass holders and promotions for DashPass only.

Another important aspect is that the benefits of DashPass apply not only to DashPass but also to Caviar. Caviar is the delivery platform that DoorDash acquired in late 2019.

Many times, it’s available in cities that don’t have DoorDash. Passing, in this case, is beneficial if you are going or staying in one of these cities.

The monthly pass costs $ 9.99, and for new members, there’s a free trial option to see if you like the subscription. The free trial is month-long, and billing will begin automatically unless you cancel before this month’s mark.

How Does DashPass Work?

You can purchase Dash Pass through the app or website. For new members, you get a free monthly trial before the monthly fee starts. Once that happens, you’ll be charged 9.99 a month until you decide to cancel.

When ordering, check if you are ordering from a qualified restaurant. There will be a green check mark in front of the restaurant.

Then choose your food and place your order as you normally would. If your order is eligible, the discount will automatically apply to the order.

If you don’t meet the minimum, the difference appears on the checkout page so you can add something to your order and save on delivery fees.

Does DashPass Apply to All Restaurants?

No, DashPass does not apply to all restaurants. This only applies to eligible people. To see if the restaurant you like or the one you want to order from is eligible, look for the green checkmark next to the restaurant.

DashPass applies if there is a green checkmark next to the restaurant. Otherwise, it is not one of the select restaurants to which the benefits of DashPass apply.

Are There Any Additional Fees With DashPass?

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, there is no additional fee with DashPass. However, DashPass does not cover all the fees associated with your order, such as service fees, taxes, and driver tips.

It is important to note that there are other fees associated with your order, and they do not expire. Things like driver tips, restaurant service fees, and taxes are still part of your order.

The only fee that is reduced is the delivery fee. As always, be sure to tell your DoorDash driver. If you are not sure how much, you can refer to our article on how much to tip the dashers.

Can You Cancel DashPass Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel DashPass at any time. You can do this through the app or the DoorDash website.

Because DashPass is a monthly subscription service and the fee is charged on the same timeline, you must cancel at least 1 day before the next scheduled subscription renewal date.

If you don’t want to be charged for the next month, set those alarms, so you don’t forget!

Once you cancel your DashPass, the benefits will be available until the next billing period. You can cancel the first day after your subscription and reap the benefits for the next month, or you can cancel two days earlier and reap the benefits for just two more days.

An exception is if you cancel during your trial period. Since this is a free period, your benefits expire immediately upon cancellation.

Is DashPass Free With Chase?

Yes, DashPass is free for chess card holders for a limited time. The duration of the free pass depends on the card you have and varies from three months to one year.

Chase has partnered with DoorDash to offer additional benefits to members. Benefits, including any additional benefits, depending on which card you had through Chase.

Chase Sapphire Reserve and Priority Card members have access to the Completed Dash Pass for at least one year.

Those who have Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Student, and Slate Card can get a complimentary dash pass for the first three months, then get a 50% discount on the current rate for the next nine months.

There are also additional benefits for some chase dash pass holders. Sapphire reserve holders receive 60 credits for using each promotional year.

The promotion started in 2020 and will continue till the end of 2021. Promotional credit can be as high as 120 for those who signed up last year.

If you are a chess card holder and are considering using this partnership and getting yourself a complimentary dash pass, note the timing of the promotion.

Keep in mind that the benefits are to be reaped by the end of 2021 unless DoorDash and Chase agree to extend the promotion time.


Whether DashPass is worth it for you depends on where you live. If you’re in a city where there aren’t many qualified restaurants, it doesn’t make sense to have a monthly subscription. Populated cities are probably good places to get DashPass, which may not be rural.

If you live in a city with lots of DashPass restaurants and you like to order food, DashPass is worth it. After all, it only takes three eligible orders a month to make DashPass worth your money.

The beauty of it is that if you find that you are not using the indoor dash as much as you used to, you can easily cancel. You can also subscribe again at any time – you will not receive a free trial month after the first time.


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