How to Request a Refund on Postmates

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Although apps like Postmates convey convenience, from time to time things cross wrong, or orders need to be canceled. Because of this, it’s crucial to realize how you could request refunds and what you may acquire refunds for when the use the carrier.

How to Request a Refund on Postmates

You can request a refund on Postmates for any motive; however, you will probably have high-quality success getting your money lower back on orders with missing or wrong objects. Each request is as much at the discretion of Postmates. If you want to request money back, you have to accomplish that within 72 hours of your order.

If you need to request a refund or cancel an upcoming order and are uncertain about the guidelines or policies around this, you’re in the proper region.

This article will walk you thru what types of matters Postmates will refund for, how lengthy a reimbursement takes to undergo, and the way to cancel any orders which have been located incorrectly.

On Postmates How To Request A Refund?

If your order has a broken or missing object, it’s far endorsed that you request a reimbursement. The same is going for orders that were delivered to the incorrect area or wrong orders.

If this appears like something you’ve skilled on Postmates, right here’s how to request a reimbursement.

First, open up your Postmates app or website and signal into your account
Navigate on your order history; the icon on the cellular app for this page looks as if a clock
Find the order you had a hassle with and pick it
Here you can pick out several options, which include “Items damaged, missing, or wrong”
Once selected, the subsequent display permits you to pick extra alternatives about what went incorrect so that you can offer greater feedback to Postmates.
After step 5, you may post the shape, and your request may be sent to Postmates for evaluation.

Keep in thoughts that Postmates will not refund you for just any reason, and therefore you need to make sure you’ve got a legitimate reason for asking to get your cash lower back on order.

Some acceptable motives for soliciting a refund consist of:

  • Wrong objects for your order
  • Missing gadgets out of your order
  • Damaged items
  • Orders that were by no means added

In widespread, you may find that for a wrong item, you’ll be refunded 50% of the order overall, even as you will be refunded a hundred% of the order if you have a missing object or receive the wrong order completely.

If you’ve got a problem that doesn’t pertain to those reasons, you may nevertheless publish the refund request, however, you’ll be not going to receive your money back.

Since it’s difficult for Postmates to discover precisely what went incorrect because of the wide variety of people and steps involved in each order, they’re strict approximately their refund coverage.

For Postmates Can You Get an Unlimited Refund?

If you’ve signed on to use Postmates Unlimited or are considering it, be sure that you’re aware of their refund coverage. If you pick to cancel your annual or monthly club after the usage of it, you’ll now not be eligible for a refund. However, you may be able to hold the usage of the provider until the stop of your agreement.

Once you cancel, you will see how long your account remains valid and might preserve taking gain of the blessings the service brings you.

If you request a refund for Postmates Unlimited once you cancel it, Postmates will probably tell you that you aren’t eligible for a reimbursement in case you used any of the blessings.

If Postmates Delivers Late or to the Wrong Address What Happens?

If you have trouble receiving your order and it either arrives late or involves the wrong deal, you could request a refund. While it is impossible to say for certain that Postmates will issue money back, they will possibly provide at least part of your funds returned from your order if you have this problem.

Postmates manage every refund request, and there can be times when you do receive a refund for something that you won’t receive a 2nd time.

While this may be irritating, it’s far finished on a case-through-case foundation; due to this, Postmates does not make any guarantees or release any suggestions around their refund policy online.

In keeping off any needless frustration handling refund requests, make sure to test your order thoroughly before setting it.

If you input the incorrect transport address, as an example, you will not be capable of alternating it as soon as the order has been placed.

You will have to cancel the order then replace the order if the cope is inaccurate.

If you cancel it too overdue inside the method and your food is already being organized, you may now not g

et all of your cashback in your order.

How Much Time Does a Postmates Refund Take?

If you request a refund on Postmates, you ought to anticipate it to take two to three days to see that money returned to your financial institution account. Keep in thoughts that this is around 3 days from the time your case is opened and evaluated.

Additionally, if you need a reimbursement, you may want to request it within seventy-two hours of your order.

If you wait longer than 72 hours when you consider that your order was delivered, you will not be eligible for any kind of refund.

Once you area your request for money back, you will be notified that your request went thru and your case has been opened.

You will obtain updates through electronic mail or the app about the fame of your case, however, you may no longer have tracking statistics inside the way you do while you vicinity an order via Postmates.

Do Postmates Drivers Pay for Missing Items?

If you’ve got an object missing from your order, the Postmates drivers will not pay for that because there is no way for Postmates to determine why the object is missing. Since they can’t affirm that the object becomes ever even in the bag to be introduced, they may truly refund you.

This is the easiest and most efficient way for Postmates to address cases like this.

If there is ongoing trouble with a specific driver continuously delivering orders with lacking gadgets, this will be handled in a different way.

How Can We Cancel an Order on Postmates?

After putting an order on Postmates, in case you realize it desires to be canceled for a few reasons, ensure to cancel it before the order is prepared to get a reimbursement.

Here are the steps to take for canceling an order:

  • Navigate for your order on the app or Postmates internet site
  • At the top right of the display, you’ll see a “Help” button
  • Once decided on, a pop up will seem, and you may pick out “cancel order”
  • Postmates will ask you why you’re canceling your order which you can solve to offer them with comments
  • You will then confirm your cancellation and see the amount of money you’ll get back or be charged for the cancellation price

After following those steps, you’ll have efficiently canceled your order.


It is viable to obtain reimbursement from Postmates for missing and incorrect objects. If you’ve got other troubles with your order, you’re always unfastened to request money back.

However, remember the fact that Postmates does now not promise refunds on any styles of issues, so every request is treated in my view.

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