How to Order Meijer Pickup and Groceries Store

Originally posted on March 7, 2022 @ 7:05 am

There is no such thing as ordering groceries online for pickup in the store. Now, you can save time on grocery shopping at Meijer while making sure the order is correct before leaving the store. It greatly facilitates shopping and takes you back to other important things in your life. The whole process is very simple.

How to Order Meijer Pickup and Groceries Store

You can order groceries for pick-up through the Meijer website or app. Meijer offers free pickups for all orders over $ 35.You have the option to use coupons and receive mPerks rewards. Once your order is ready, you will pick it up at the designated place. You can also ask someone else to place your Meijer order.

For more information on how the Meijer pickup works, whether you should tip your buyer or not, and if you can use EBT as payment for pickup orders, keep reading below. !

How Does Meijer Pickup Work?

Major pickup is the easiest and most contact-free way to purchase groceries. All you have to do is log in to or use the app to get the groceries you want. Your order will be available in a specific pickup area at the beginning of the pickup window you selected.

Major pickup is free for orders over 35. Also, no minimum order is required for pickup. Just know that if the total is less than $ 35, you will be charged a pick-up fee.

If you do not place your order within the time window you selected, your order will probably be returned. It depends on how long you are taking it.

If you are running late, try calling the store where you placed the order and see if the order still exists. Otherwise, if it’s too long, you need to contact customer service and let them know what happened.

You can pick up almost anything in the store with the Meijer pickup, but you can’t take your pharmacy medicine from a personal buyer. It doesn’t matter who picks up the order when it is ready.

As long as the person has a valid ID for all age-restricted items, you can place a pick-up order on Meijer and pick it up for yourself from someone else.

How to Order Meijer Pickup

Ordering Meijer pickups can be easily done online at or through the Meijer app on your phone. You can easily find all the items in the store and choose the items you want to buy. Use the search bar to find items you don’t see. Select the pickup option at checkout and select the pickup window.

A personal buyer will pick the groceries for you and have them ready at the beginning of your pickup window. Items will remain in the pickup area until your window closes.

If there’s anything you don’t see, it’s probably because the store has sold out of it. If you select a recently sold item that still appears to be available on the site or app, the buyer will choose the item you ordered.

You can also use the “Special Request” option to type something unusual that you don’t see in the app or online. You need to be as detailed as possible, naming the brand, size, taste, etc., so that the buyer can easily find what you are looking for.

If something ever goes missing from your order, call customer service, where they’ll be happy to help you!

Below are the step-by-step instructions for ordering Meijer grocery pickup:

  1. Login to your account or use the Meijer app on your phone
  2. Scroll through, search, and select all the items you wish to purchase
  3. Once your items are in your shopping cart, select the pickup option
  4. You will also select a pickup time window
  5. A personal shopper will have your order ready on time. Go to the designated pickup area at your allotted time for pickup

Can You Use Coupons With Meijer Pickup?

You can’t use paper coupons with Major Pickup, but you can clip your Major Digital Coupon when you make a purchase. Coupons are located on the toolbar at the bottom of the app, and you can click ‘Clip’ on the coupons you want to use. And finally, the coupons will be automatically applied to the checkout.

When you sign up for an account on or through the app, you also activate your mPerks account. This is where you will find personalized coupons based on items you have previously purchased.

Most of these coupons will be automatically applied at checkout. For some high-value coupons, you’ll probably need to ‘clip’ them to make sure they apply.

That is why it is always best to double-check your cart before finishing the transaction.

Follow the instructions below to use your coupons with Meijer pickup:

  1. Login to your account on or click on the app
  2. On the website, click the menu button at the top of the screen to open your mPerks, then click on coupons. Using the app, click on the coupon button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Once at the coupon screen, you’ll see all the available coupons. Some personalized and some general coupons the store offers. Press the ‘clip’ button the use that coupon.
  4. The discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Can You Change Your Meijer Pickup Order?

You can modify your order before midnight before your default pickup time. When you arrive at the pickup, if there is something you do not want, buyers are happy to return it without charging you. However, you will not be able to add anything to the order on the day of pickup.

It also includes details of an alternative or special request that you applied to your order. All edits need to be completed one day before your pickup time.

Do You Tip Meijer Pickup?

If a Major’s employee makes a purchase for your pick-up order, you cannot add a tip because they are not allowed to accept the tip. However, if the shipper buyer prepares the order, you can add a tip. The tip goes directly to the shipping buyer and is greatly appreciated. Most people tip 15% -20%, which is standard in the service industry.

For all eligible Meijer pickup orders, here is how you leave a tip:

  1. You can log in to your Meijer account and navigate to your order history
  2. Click on order you wish to add gratuity
  3. There you will see an option to add a tip


  1. Navigate to your email. You should have received an email after the order was picked up
  2. It will give you the option to rate and tip your shopper
  3. Fill in the information and submit

Does Meijer Take EBT?

Meijer accepts EBT for all store purchases. However, you cannot use EBT as a payment method for online pickups or delivery orders. All EBT users should still shop at Meijer stores.

In-stores, Meijer accepts the following forms of payment:

  • All major US credit cards
  • Reloadable MasterCard and Visa
  • Coupons
  • Gift Cards
  • Mobile payments
  • EAT
  • WIN

Unfortunately, when shopping Meijer online for pickup or delivery, you cannot use EBT, WIC, Cash App, or Gift Cards. You can, however, utilize any coupons to help save you money on your order.

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Meijer’s in-store pickup has changed the game of grocery shopping not only is this easier than ever, it is also a safe way to shop.

M-Perks are easily available in the app and on the website making saving money even easier during this process! Overall, this major grocery pickup is worth a try!

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