How to Order Grocery By Using H-E-B (Full Guide)

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H-E-B has garnered pretty popularity with Texas citizens because it gives wonderful products and super customer service. And now more than ever, residents are the usage of H-E-B’s transport service to have their groceries brought to their door without leaving the residence.


H-E-B transport can be ordered through the use of the My H-E-B app or the internet site. There is a $5 transport rate for most orders plus tipping. H-E-B delivery hours are between 7 am – nine pm. Digital coupons can be used for H-E-B shipping, and EBT is ordinary. Unfortunately, H-E-B does not supply out of the kingdom.

In this article, we’ll cover how H-E-B shipping works, how to order online, whether or not you could use coupons, the tipping etiquette, and more!

How H-E-B Delivery Does Work?

H-E-B Delivery helps you to order groceries online through the My H-E-B app or the internet site. The provider is only to be had in pick-out regions, so test if you may get hold of delivery based on your zip code. After ordering, an in-save shopper will fulfill your order, and a transport driving force will carry the order to your doorstep.

When putting your H-E-B delivery order at the app or internet site, make sure you have got decided on delivery as your purchasing technique.

Then, you may browse all the goods and add items to your cart. Note that certain huge items, along with electronics and grills, can’t be added due to the fact they could be too massive to deliver.

After you end purchasing, you will choose a transport time slot. H-E-B delivery time slots are one hour long, and the delivery hours are between 7 am- 9 pm. You can schedule delivery as much as every week earlier.

Once you checkout, the order can be despatched over in your local H-E-B save. An in-shop shopper will find all your items and bag them up for delivery.

Then, a transport motive force will deliver the groceries to your house inside your chosen delivery time slot. You could be notified when the groceries had been dropped off at the doorstep.

Certain H-E-B shops assist you to include alcohol on your transport order. You need to be 21 years or older to purchase alcohol, and you will need to show at transport that you are of age.

Specifically, you’ll want to publish a photo of a valid ID and a picture of your face at the time of the order.

The delivery driver will confirm that those photos fit before turning in any alcohol. If the driving force can not verify your age, your entire order could be back to the store.

For issues that include an again order, the H-E-B store you ordered from may attain out to you.

However, you could additionally touch H-E-B customer service by calling their customer service no 1-855-803-0611. You can also touch the customer service department thru this online shape.

Some gadgets may be substituted if your nearby H-E-B does no longer has the precise object you ordered.

When you region your online order at H-E-B, you can suggest if you do no longer want a substitution for a sure item. In this case, you’ll no longer be charged for those gadgets that are not changed.

You also can cancel a whole H-E-B order if it’s far still pending. To do this, go to the app or website, and have a look at your order information. There, you can pick to cancel the order.

Unfortunately, you may not be capable of canceling an H-E-B order if it’s miles already out for shipping, and H-E-B is no longer answerable for your groceries as soon as they may be brought to the doorstep.

How Can We Order From H-E-B Online?

To order H-E-B online for delivery, you can keep it at the My H-E-B app or the internet site. Both platforms function further. Choose a region and time to get hold of your delivery. Then, save for objects by searching or browsing classes, and add them to your cart. Finally, input your charge information and publish the order.

Here is a step-by means of-step manual to ordering H-E-B online for transport the use of the My H-E-B app:

1. Sign up for an account with H-E-B online if you have not already.


2. From the main web page, set your app or website to shop for delivery. Then, upload your shipping deal with and time slot to acquire the delivery.

3. Shop for your groceries by searching for specific items or browsing the various categories online. When looking at specific items, be sure to clip any coupons you want.


4. Go to your cart to review your order. Check that you are meeting all requirements for the coupons you have clipped. You can also indicate if you do not want substitutions for certain items, and you can add instructions for your in-store shopper.


5. Go to Checkout. Here you will have the option to add and choose a payment method for your delivery order. Complete the information requested, and then you will be able to submit your order.


Although these commands are for the usage of the My H-E-B app, they generally observe orders positioned on the internet site. This is due to the fact most of the buying revel in at the internet site may be very similar to the app.

The fundamental distinction you could see is how the items can be filtered when purchasing. My H-E-B app has an icon that you click to filter objects by way of emblem, nutritional alternatives, types of food, and more. You also can kind the gadgets the use of this function.

On the H-E-B website, filters are positioned on the left, and sorting is on the pinnacle. These variations must not have any giant impact on your shopping enjoy.

How Much Is The Cost of H-E-B Delivery?

For maximum H-E-B deliveries, anticipate a $five delivery fee plus any tip for the motive force, which is usually recommended. According to H-E-B, sure delivery orders may additionally range in price. For example, you could see higher transport costs if you stay far from the store. In addition, H-E-B normally has promotions that offer free shipping.

Note that the H-E-B transport fee is cut loose by a motive force’s tip. The shipping fee is used to help cowl the cost of having a private, in-keep shopper find all of your objects for you.

This more charge is not at once given to a selected worker. However, one hundred% of tips are given to the delivery drivers.

How Does H-E-B Delivery Take Time?

H-E-B delivery commonly takes a few hours. The shipping time depends on how quickly you need your order and which period slots are to be had. All orders are scheduled within a one-hour window, so you will recognize whilst to assume your shipping. You can select a one-hour transport time slot as much as a week in advance.

Although you can often schedule H-E-B orders to be brought just a few hours later, a few days are very busy, and fewer time slots are available.

If you know you may want groceries at a selected time, it’s miles first-class to timetable your delivery as a minimum a day in advance. Around the vacations, you could want to timetable deliveries even sooner.

For H-E-B Delivery Can You Use Coupons?

You can use virtual coupons on the H-E-B internet site or the app for shipping orders. In-store coupons and producer coupons aren’t established for H-E-B transport. To use coupons for a shipping order, really clip the coupon online or at the app, and it will routinely be applied to eligible gadgets before checkout.

There are two ways that you may locate digital H-E-B coupons. You can go to the ‘Coupons’ tab on the My H-E-B app. Here you could browse for any coupons you want and clip them. There is likewise a ‘Coupons’ tab on the H-E-B internet site.

You may even see to be had coupons as you observe precise eligible gadgets. Again, make sure to clip them so that they can be carried out on your order.

You should be aware of some guidelines about buying with coupons at H-E-B, particularly for shipping.

First, a couple of coupons for an unmarried object cannot be stacked if they may be unique to that object.

Second, any objects that you add on after your order has been positioned will now not be eligible for any coupons, even supposing the coupon is legitimate while you upload the new product.

Finally, any coupon for an item that needed to be substituted will nevertheless be implemented on your shipping order.

Take be aware of the start and expiration dates on your coupons due to the fact they may now not be applied to your order if it does now not fall within that window.

So, in case you area an order earlier than the coupon goes live, it will no longer work. Additionally, if your coupon expires before your shipping date and time, it’s going to no longer be carried out.

Does H-E-B Delivery Take EBT?

H-E-B transport accepts EBT as a payment approach. You can input your EBT card records earlier than or during checkout. You will even need to go into an additional fee approach to cover the ultimate stability. You will allocate how a good deal of your EBT blessings can be applied to your delivery order at checkout.

You can use a credit card, debit card, or H-E-B present card to your second payment approach. H-E-B requires you to have at least any such cards entered similarly on your EBT card due to the fact they are used for non-SNAP-eligible gadgets, add-on gadgets, and your transport rate.

If you pick out the tip, this can also be charged to your secondary price technique.

When the usage of an EBT card to pay for H-E-B delivery, weighted gadgets can be barely higher in price.

H-E-B charges an additional 10% on these objects to ensure that your SNAP advantages will cowl the value, even though the real weight finally ends up being slightly over what you ordered.

Any leftover funds that were now not used might be again on your EBT card.

WIC is another federal help program that enables households to purchase groceries. It is crucial to observe that WIC advantages cannot be used to pay in your H-E-B Delivery. These benefits need to be used with in-store purchasing most effective.

Do You Tip H-E-B Delivery?

Tips are endorsed for H-E-B Delivery. H-E-B automatically adds a $five tip or five% of your order total, whichever is extra. You can regulate the end amount as wanted, and we advise 15-20%. H-E-B shipping drivers keep the complete tip, and it far breaks free the $4.Ninety-five non-public buying prices are added to every shipping order.

You might also need to tip your H-E-B transport driving force in cash when they come to your own home. However, most, if now not all, orders are left at the doorstep with contactless delivery.

Therefore, you may be notified when your order has been dropped off, however, you’ll probably now not see the driver. This practice has been implemented based totally on social distancing suggestions.

It is simplest to add the end for your order when sorting out. The My H-E-B app or internet site will display you fashionable possibilities and their equivalent greenback quantity, however, you furthermore may have the option to enter a custom tip amount.

H-E-B Use Instacart?Yes Or No

H-E-B has partnered with Instacart to offer a 2d method of receiving grocery deliveries. The minimum order amount for Instacart transport is $10. You will also be charged a delivery price of $three.99 and a variable provider fee. Instacart Express members get loose Delivery from H-E-B for orders over $35.

When you operate Instacart to get shipping from H-E-B, the prices you pay for man or woman items may be higher than in-keep expenses. These extended prices account for the added price of an Instacart client locating the whole lot for you.

You can purchase the Instacart Express membership to receive unfastened delivery on all H-E-B orders over $35. You can get a free trial for at least two weeks, and some promotions provide a month-long trial.

After the trial, the Instacart Express club is $99 in line with yr. It offers decreased provider costs in addition to unfastened delivery.

If you keep at H-E-B through Instacart, you will want a separate Instacart account. The order, fee, suggestions, and conversation are treated via the Instacart app or the website.

Check out Instacart for promos and discounts that the organization often offers.

Does H-E-B Deliver Groceries Out of State?

H-E-B used to deliver out-of-kingdom; however, that carrier has been suspended because of 2020. There is currently no anticipated date for the go back of this service. In the period in-between, you’ll need to rely upon your non-public Texas connections to shop for the H-E-B products you pass over and mail them the old skool manner.

H-E-B gives amusing seasonal gadgets and different notable merchandise that many non-Texas citizens still want to purchase.

But regrettably, the most effective way these individuals should buy their favorite H-E-B merchandise is to invite their Texan pals and circle of relatives to shop for and send the items on their behalf.

H-E-B, first of all, suspended their out-of-kingdom shipping offerings to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, they preserve to keep off on providing this provider so that the H-E-B shops can first-rate serve their local Texas groups.

How Does H-E-B Favor Senior Delivery Work?

In 2020, H-E-B partnered with Favor to offer a safe, easy-to-use grocery delivery carrier for seniors. However, this carrier has given that been discontinued. Now, Favor recommends that seniors use Express Delivery for orders below 25 items. With Favor’s Express Delivery, your groceries may be brought in within 2 hours.

If you are a senior in search of assistance getting groceries, take a look at the Favor Delivery website. You can use this web page to find assets, in addition to links to apply Favor’s Express Delivery carrier.


H-E-B shipping can have your groceries proper at your step in a few hours, and also you don’t even need to depart your home. This carrier is lower priced, and you can plan deliveries according to your schedule. If you stay in Texas, test out H-E-B’s app or internet site and notice if you may have your groceries introduced nowadays.

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