How to Cancel Your Grubhub Order and Get Your Refund

Originally posted on March 13, 2022 @ 4:30 am

GrubHub currently updated its refund coverage to make it even more person-pleasant. When it involves the consumer, they do the entirety they could to ensure satisfaction, which includes getting money again for a messed-up order.

How to Cancel Your Grubhub Order and Get Your Refund

You can request money back on GrubHub truly via calling the customer support telephone no 1 (877) 585-7878. It makes the procedure less complicated if you cancel the order earlier than calling. If your GrubHub order is missing food, has an incorrect item, otherwise, you in no way acquired the order, GrubHub will refund the purchase within 5 commercial enterprise days.

The GrubHub refund policy is a case-by means of-case situation. The patron offerings consultant will decide if the order is possible for money back.

Continue analyzing to research greater approximately how the GrubHub refund procedure works!

How To Get a Refund on GrubHub?

To request money back on GrubHub, you want to click on the order you want to cancel in the app, and below the order details, a ‘cancel’ button will seem. After canceling your order, you can call the GrubHub customer service line to ensure your refund is issued well.

The refund comes immediately from the eating place’s GrubHub account and back into the purchaser’s account within five commercial enterprise days.

If the client claims to have never acquired the food, the driver will maximum probably be contacted before the refund takes region. Still, almost something can now be justified for a reimbursement due to the fact they need consumer pleasure.

Below is a step-by-step technique of the way to initiate a reimbursement on GrubHub:

You can call customer support and document a problem, and a refund will be issued to you all through the decision if the customer support consultant thinks it meets the requirements.
You can also cancel your order the usage of the app earlier than contacting the customer service line:

  1. Navigate on your orders
  2. Find the order you need a refund for
  3. When you pick out the order, the order detail will pop up, and you could pick out ‘cancel’
  4. From there, you could offer your reasoning and explicit that you would like a refund

Calling GrubHub customer support line is via ways the very best manner to recognize for positive that your refund is on its way.

Customers are recommended to cancel the order thru the app and then call the GrubHub customer service line to make certain their refund is issued properly.

What Would Happen If GrubHub Order Is Missing Food?

If your GrubHub order is missing meals, it is excellent to name their customer support line instead of the restaurant itself in case you want the money back. If you name the restaurant, they usually received’t come up with a reimbursement but will offer you the gadgets in case you’re inclined to pick out them up to yourself.

It is likewise vital to note that the driving force isn’t charged for the missing food. Whenever money back is issued, no matter the purpose, it comes from the restaurant’s account.

Dealing with missing gadgets is in no way a laugh. For those who want to pass the problem of dealing with lacking objects, you could want to contact the eating place after placing your order with GrubHub to affirm your order.

There is a risk that something didn’t get relayed properly. This is likewise your danger to double-take a look at any unique food notes you may have in your order. The restaurant will do its first-class to make certain you get the whole thing you ordered.

How Does GrubHub Take Time To Refund?

It is especially smooth to have your order refunded on GrubHub, however, the refund process itself is a bit longer than customers might decide on. The wait time is normally five enterprise days earlier than the refund is acquired. This is likewise heavily dependent on your bank and its protocols for issuing refunds.

It may additionally on occasion take a touch longer than 5 days to see the refund pondered in a single’s account. Unfortunately, there is no manner to guarantee a shorter wait time.

There is also a risk you’ll see your refund before the give up of five days, however, there’s no way for GrubHub to make any guarantees.

The best thing to do is to ensure to check your email for a confirmation email that the refund has been initiated. You have to see your refund within 5 days of the date you acquired your affirmation e-mail.

Finding this confirmation email is likewise your satisfactory wager for monitoring your refund, aside from seeking to touch your bank without delay. The bank can let you know if they’ve acquired the refund and are processing it.

Can You Get Back Your Refund for GrubHub Plus?

If you pick to cancel your GrubHub Plus membership, your blessings will hold until the end of your subsequent billing cycle; therefore, you may not get a refund. If you cancel your membership during the trial length, your benefits will stop right away.

There are several known blessings for GrubHub Plus contributors but receiving a refund sooner on orders isn’t one among them. Regardless of the account kind, all GrubHub refunds are issued the identical way.

Whether or not you get money back is extra approximately why you want the refund instead of what account type you have.

That stated, GrubHub Plus members tend to look for higher basic care than everyday GrubHub participants. Things like fast shipping times, free deliveries, and other perks are all advantages that GrubHub Plus participants revel in.

There is also a chance that they acquire their refunds sooner due to the fact their request was checked out first.

If you’re inquisitive about getting unlimited free transport at your preferred restaurants, you have to test out the GrubHub Plus loose trial club.

How Can You Cancel Your Order On GrubHub?

Canceling your GrubHub order is the first step to beginning the refund method. You can easily achieve this without delay on the app, through the internet site, or by calling GrubHub customer support. You may even call the eating place first to cancel your order earlier than navigating lower back to the app itself.

If you cancel your order right now after putting it in, you’re probably to peer the cash earlier than if the order becomes sent out for transport, and then you attempted to get a refund for something motive.

When canceled immediately, the funds are held while nevertheless in your account. In this state of affairs, you will see your money back loads earlier than a traditional refund.

As noted above, the cancelation manner is as a substitute easy. All you have to do is navigate to the suitable order and bring up the order info by deciding on the order. Then, the cancelation button will appear.

The customer support team handles it from there, with a few considerations:

  1. When turned into the order located?
  2. The reason you positioned down for why you are canceling
  3. The patron’s order records

For Cancelled Orders Does GrubHub Pay Drivers?

GrubHub drivers receive a commission for how some distance they drive earlier than the order is canceled. If they already picked up the order, the driver receives paid the whole provide quantity. If they were on their manner to pick out up the order, they could receive a commission as a part of the authentic offer.

When the driving force gets paid a portion of the authentic offer, that amount is calculated based on estimation. GrubHub will determine how much time and how long way the driver made it to pick up the order as soon as the order is marked geared up for pick out up.

If the order is canceled before the restaurant notifies the driver, then the driving force doesn’t get paid for that order.


GrubHub looks after its drivers and clients and desires to make sure that the refund system is as simple as viable. Still, they’re a food delivery service, so shipping is their important challenge.

That is the principal reason why clients are advocating to name customer service to request money back. All it takes is one brief smartphone call, and the money ought to be on its manner again into their account within five enterprise days.


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