How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Publix?

Originally posted on November 2, 2022 @ 3:57 pm

The first question that potential future employees ask is about the minimum age for employment at any company. Since Publix is ​​one of America’s most famous supermarket chains and a popular employer, let’s learn how old you have to be to work there.

You must be at least 14 years old to work at Publix. At age 14, you are considered for a number of non-management jobs such as cashier, bagger, and floral clerk. For skilled jobs, such as pharmacy technicians, the minimum employee age limit is 18 years.

Read on as we discuss the various job opportunities at Publix and the company’s average salary.

How much do you earn at Publix?

For anyone looking for work, one of the most important questions is about the company’s wages. Young people who start their careers at Publix earn about $13 an hour. However, the average salary is subject to change based on your job title and work hours.

Entry-level jobs like cashier can earn you an average of $11, while a grocery clerk can earn around $13.
Publix also prefers to fill management positions from within store employees. Thus, if you decide to pursue a career after working at Publix, you can earn $56,000 or more annually.

What are the different entry-level jobs at Publix?

Publix hires youth under the age of 14. However, federal law may restrict minor employees from working certain hours during the week. That said, Publix has a variety of job opportunities for teens (14 and up).

Jobs with a minimum age requirement of 14 years

Children as young as 14 are offered entry-level roles that often require greeting customers and manning a cash register.

Front Service Desk Clerk/Bagger

A bagger is supposed to fetch groceries and carry them to customers’ cars. They are also responsible for vehicle recovery and minimal cleaning duties when required.


A cashier is to greet customers and assists them when needed. They have to scan, weigh and pack groceries, perform transactions while operating the terminal, and clean their workspace.

Clerk of flowers

A floral clerk’s job is to serve customers and maintain flower arrangements and displays. They also have to order, price and water the plants and take care of the equipment. They also have to help order the right quantity of products. (Federal law requires employees older than 14 to perform certain floral clerk duties such as stripping maneuvers or using sharp knives.)

Jobs With a Minimum Age Requirement of 16

For many Publix store jobs, such as stocking and loading merchandise, an employee must be at least 16 years old. Here are some entry-level jobs at Publix that hire candidates 16 and older.

Bakery Clerk

The Bakery Clerk at Publix is ​​responsible for serving and guiding customers about products, ensuring adequate supplies, maintaining displays, keeping the area clean, and icing pastries.

The grocery clerk

The Publix grocery clerk is responsible for a variety of tasks, including assisting customers, ordering products as needed, stocking shelves, and unloading products from trucks. They also need to sweep and sweep and make sure the backroom is organized.

Create a clerk.

The Publix Produce Clerk is required to provide excellent customer service and assist visitors with product information and location. They also need to unload trucks, make regular price changes, process and wrap products before putting them on display, clean workspaces, and hang shelf tags.

Jobs with a minimum age requirement of 18 years

For legal adults, Publix offers a variety of entry-level and skilled opportunities. Even if you don’t have technical training, you can find many jobs in a supermarket chain.

Baker Apprentice

The Baker Apprentice serves customers, cleans the work area, and sets out baked items. They also provide training in operating various baking and cooking equipment such as mixers, scales, and ovens.

Cake Decorator Apprentice

In addition to serving customers, the cake decorator trainee learns decoration, pricing, packaging, and product display. They also train how to clean and operate the mixer.

Cleanliness and cleanliness

In this role, you must unload trucks, maintain work area cleanliness, clean equipment, and move products. This work also requires lifting equipment.

The Daily Clerk

A daily clerk prepares the order. They should know how to use scales, a fryer, an oven, and various cutting tools.

Dining Clerk

A food clerk’s job is to engage customers by preparing and offering sample products to increase sales. They also use clean tools for cooking.

Meat Clerk/Seafood Clerk

Meat and seafood clerks are responsible for product display, pricing, and rotation. They also unload trucks and clean their work areas and showcases.

Meat cutter apprentice

A meat cutter apprentice trains customers, cuts meat, operates and maintains equipment, and uses coolers.

Applying for a job at Publix

You can apply online for a job at Publix. Entering your zip code or city and state will show you all the nearest Publix locations. You will need to create a Publix account to select one. Sign up by filling in your contact information, and you’ll be able to apply for available jobs.

It would be best if you keep updating your profile once a month so that the store remains active in the system for job applications. Keep in mind that Publix only contacts employees who reach the interview period. You can read tips to crack Publix Interview here.

For non-retail jobs, Publix uses email or voicemail to notify you if you have made a deduction.

Employee Benefits at Publix

A number of core employee benefits are extended to eligible workers at Publix, both full-time and part-time. Here are some of the best benefits you can get as a Publix employee.

  • Chance to buy additional shares of the company’s privately-held stock
  • Group health, dental, and vision plan
  • Free flu shots
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Weekly payment for hourly associates
  • Employee assistance program
  • 401(k) saving plan with a match from the company
  • Parental leave
  • Free Parking
  • Yearly holiday bonuses
  • Employee discounts on services and goods

The Bottom Line

The minimum age requirement to apply for a job at Publix is 14 years old. Under child labor laws, children as young as 14 are considered for entry-level employment. They work as cashiers or beggars. Getting started as a Publix employee sets you up for a successful career with the company through employee training and moves you toward management positions.


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