How much does Costco charge for Delivery of Groceries?

Originally posted on February 11, 2022 @ 5:04 am

We all live busy lives – and it’s not always easy to find time to shop for groceries. So whether you have fewer cleaning supplies or need to stock up on your favorite snacks, Costco’s Delivery covers you.

Costco offers one-day delivery via Instacart and Shipt on orders over $ 35, allowing customers to order groceries without a Costco subscription. Costco also provides Costco members a 2-day free delivery on orders over $ 75 through CostcoGrocery, which offers essential household necessities.

How much does Costco charge for Delivery of Groceries?

In this article, we’ll take a look at how Costco’s delivery works, whether you can order Costco’s delivery without a Costco membership, and how much you pay for Costco’s delivery services. Can expect

How Does Costco Delivery Work?

Costco offers one-day delivery services via Instacart and Shipt and 2-day delivery via Costco Online. To order Costco Delivery, all you have to do is add your favorite Costco to your cart and place your order.

With same-day delivery, members of Qualifying Zip Codes can order groceries via Instacart or Shipt, including perishable items such as products, meats, and seafood.

Meanwhile, with Costco’s 2-day delivery, you can store household essentials such as cleaning supplies, perishable snacks, and laundry detergent.

Costco Same-Day Delivery

Costco offers same-day delivery options through Shipt and Instacart. Here’s how to place an order for same-day delivery.

  • Using the Instacart or Shipt app or website, choose Costco as your retailer.
  • Select the items you want to order to add them to your cart.
  • Review your cart and make any adjustments as needed.
  • Confirm your order details and place your order.

Both Instacart and Shipt offer a wide range of delivery windows.If you are on a strict schedule, both services offer delivery in less than an hour. Alternatively, you can select a delivery schedule for later in the day.

Costco 2-Day Delivery

Costco offers two-day delivery through Costco online. To place an order for 2-day delivery through CostcoGrocery, follow these steps:

  • Visit CostcoGrocery and log in to your Costco account.
  • Add your favorite Costco products to your cart.
  • Review your cart and place your order.

Costco members enjoy free delivery on orders over $ 75.However, the costs are usually higher than your local warehouse to cover the supplemental cost.

How Much Does Costco Delivery Cost?

If you are a Costco member and order groceries worth at least 75, you will not pay extra for 2-day delivery orders. Costco same-day delivery via Instacart, you will pay a delivery fee per order, usually $ 3.99 for orders over $ 35.There is also an optional tip for your delivery driver.

In addition, Costco members may incur additional charges for specific orders. For example, Costco has a فیس 3 per item delivery fee for defective pantry items, but Costco will waive the cost if you spend more than $ 75.

Same-day delivery orders via Instacart include a service fee per delivery and delivery fees starting at 3.99 for orders over $ 35.

When ordering via Instacart, you also recommend that you give your delivery driver a tip to show your support. Your Instacart service fee will vary depending on your location and specific order, and there is a separate alcohol service fee for alcohol orders.

If you are a member of Instacart Express, lower service fees and alcohol service fees can help you save money when ordering the same-day delivery.

Alternatively, if you order by ship, delivery is free for ship members on orders over $ 35.For small orders, shipping charges a seven delivery fee to cover the cost of delivery. There is also an optional tip for your shift driver.

Ship prices are also slightly higher than Costco’s warehouse prices, and members can expect to pay a total of a few additional “convenience fees” for the delivery of the membership.

Can You Get Costco Delivery without a Membership?

Non-members can order Costco delivery via Instacart or Shipt. However, Instacart and Shipt charge per delivery service fee. So, if you are ordering Costco Grocery Delivery regularly, investing  60 in basic Costco membership can help you reduce grocery costs.

In 2017, Shipt partnered with Costco to offer one-day deliveries to non-members. When you order by shipping, you can collect all of your favorite Costco brands, including Kirkland Signature and Costco Bakery items, without having to purchase a Costco membership.

Like Shipt, Instacart also offers Costco grocery delivery on the same day. With Instacart, you can purchase your favorite products from your local Costco warehouse without a subscription.

Instacart offers contactless delivery options, and it’s easy to track the progress of your order using a mobile app or website. In addition to delivery, the Instacart Store also offers pickup options.

Are Costco Delivery Prices the Same As in Store?

When it comes to delivery prices, Costco’s online prices are often slightly higher than Costco’s warehouse because of the shipping and handling fees charged for the 2-day delivery. Instacart prices are even higher than Costco’s warehouse prices, while Shipt adds a “convenience fee” for each item delivered.

According to Consumer Reports, Costco’s member prices for 2-day delivery are on average 31% higher than Costco’s warehouse prices.

Ship Delivery also charges a “convenience fee” for each item ordered, usually around $ 0.30 per item.

Costco non-members who order one-day delivery via Instacart Express usually pay less than Shipt members. However, Instacart’s service fee, which is a total of $ 5 in most areas, may increase over time.

If you regularly order Costco via Instacart or Shipt, paying $ 60 for a basic Costco membership can help you reduce costs.

Do You Tip Costco Delivery?

Tip your Costco Delivery driver is a great way to show your driver how much you appreciate their service. When you order Costco for the same-day delivery, Instacart calculates the default tip as 5% or the selected tip percentage for your previous order, whichever is higher.

The minimum recommended tip for each Costco delivery order is $ 2. However, customers do not need to leave information when ordering delivery to Costco.

During the checkout process, you will have the option to leave a tip for your delivery driver. If your driver goes up and over, it is possible to change your information after your delivery is complete.

If you change your mind after your order has been delivered, you can use the Instacart app to adjust your tip within 24 hours of delivery.

Whether you’re ordering via Instacart, Shipt, or Costco online, it’s worth noting that 100% of your tip goes to your driver.

Does Costco Deliver Alcohol?

Costco delivers wines in selected states via Instacart.To check if alcohol is available for delivery in your area, visit the Instacart app or website. To order a liquor delivery, you must be 21 years of age or older and provide a valid photo ID showing your date of birth at the time of delivery.

According to the Costco website, some legal restrictions apply to liquor delivery orders. For example, Costco cannot respect special requests for alcohol products, and buyers may only replace non-stock alcohol products with other alcohol products.

In addition, Costco cannot deliver alcohol to people who are apparently intoxicated

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Whether you’re stockpiling for a long weekend or planning your weekly meal, nothing compares to Costco’s delivery facility. If you are on the fence about trying out Costco’s grocery same-day delivery service, consider trying out Instacart’s 14-day free Instacart Express trial to save on delivery fees.

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