Giant Eagle: You Need to Know its Curbside Pickup

Originally posted on January 7, 2022 @ 7:04 pm

Giant Eagle is a big company like other grocery stores. This company offers curbside pickup. You should know a few things before placing your orders.

Giant Eagle: You Need to Know its Curbside Pickup

Orders can be placed on the website or mobile app of Giant Eagle curbside pickup. You can pick up your groceries free with no additional charges, fees, or tipping with an order minimum of $35. You can use coupons, get perks, and even pay with EBT when needed with Giant Eagle curbside pickup.

Before getting started with curbside pickup, it’s important to know how the service works and what you need to do to save money.

This article gives you a full guide about Giant Eagle curbside pickup from start to end.

How Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup Does Work?

The Giant Eagle curbside pickup could not be easier for shoppers who are on the go.

Start adding your items on your mobile app cart as you would in-store, but someone else will do all the in-store shopping.

For your information to be registered and secure, you’ll need to make an account on the Giant Eagle platform for shopping.

Giant Eagle offers the same prices as in-store for curbside pickup orders.

When you add items to your cart, you’ll go to checkout and select your items to be delivered or picked up at the store.

Keep in your mind that to choose the free curbside pickup option, In your cart, you’ll need a minimum of $35 worth of products. This does not include tax or additional fees.

After finishing your shopping selection you will enter all your payment information online. Giant Eagle hand

les pickup orders contactless and as efficiently as possible.

Using this feature will decrease your wait time significantly and maintain an efficient curbside pickup process.

Letting the store know that you’re on your way helps employees to know approximately what time to meet you outside and load your groceries.

The last step is simply to go onto your app and let the store know when you are on your way to pick up the order.

This time range can vary as the volume of orders being placed may be the different days today.

Once your order is placed, you will get a time slot that your order will be ready to be picked up. This is simply based on how long it takes for an employee to gather your items.

Giant Eagle Take Coupons for Curbside Pickup Yes Or No?

If you would really like to apply a coupon for a Giant Eagle curbside pickup order, you may achieve this! However, it’s required to tell the store which coupons you plan to apply at some point in the online purchasing procedure. Your account will then be credited after giving the coupon to the employee who brings your order to your vehicle.

Giant Eagle requires customers to inform which coupons they want to apply at some stage in the ordering system to make certain that they can keep contactless and green pickups.

With this, you will, first of all, see the entire rate in your objects, and after the shop gets your coupon, they will alter your subtotal. They will virtually be positioned the coupon financial savings returned onto your card.

If you don’t tell the store that you intend to apply coupons in advance of time, they may not be inclined to just accept your coupons throughout pickup.

Do You Want To Earn Perks on Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup Orders?

Yes, whilst the use of the Giant Eagle curbside pickup choice, you may still earn perks. You will get hold of the identical perks that you could as if you were shopping in-shop for any gadgets that qualify.

Keep in thoughts that similar to in-save shopping, if you want to receive blessings, you have to join your Advantage Card for your online account.

This is the only manner to get admission to your savings and perks even as looking for curbside pickup. If you notice discrepancies in your perks, remember that each shop area may also have one-of-a-kind perks.

Therefore, in case you are choosing up an order from a shop you don’t commonly keep at, you may see one-of-a-kind perks on your account.

Do You Want To Tip On Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup?

Part of the curbside pickup package is having an employee bring your groceries for your automobile. Since the worker that brings the groceries may not be the equal crew member that packaged or shopped in your products, tipping isn’t always general by means of the Giant Eagle body of workers.

This ensures that sure personnel isn’t receiving benefits truly based totally on their role that day.

Because of this, you need to no longer provide a tip to any of the employees involved for your online order and pickup technique.

If a Product Is Out of Stock What Happens?

There are a few ways to navigate out-of-stock items. First, while you are purchasing online, you may see a take a look at box subsequent to each of your gadgets to either permit substitutions or now not. This gives the shopper permission to buy a comparable product if what you chose is out of stock.

But don’t fear, in case your shopper has to choose an alternative for you, they may ship it to you to get your approval on that specific item.

If the client cannot get a keep of you, the maximum suitable and closely related substitute may be decided on for you.

If this is not a hazard you need to take, you’ve got the option now not to allow substitutions. To avoid any substituting of out-of-inventory objects, unselect the allow substitutions button to your gadgets.

This will make sure that within the case of an out-of-inventory object, you definitely will now not be charged, and the object will be taken off of the purchasing list.

Giant Eagle Takes EBT Yes Or No?

Yes, Giant Eagle takes EBT, and customers also can use EBT on curbside pickup orders. The simplest time Giant Eagle does now not take EBT is for grocery transport orders. Therefore, in case you rely upon using EBT for your groceries, make certain to both select to store in-save or order curbside pickup.

When the use of EBT on curbside pickup orders, take into account that you should cross into the store to enter your PIN.

While this could sluggish down the pickup method, it nevertheless saves you time on your shopping! The technique of the pickup order may be identical.

However, upon arrival, the worker will ask you to come into the shop to provide your PIN.

Once your PIN is entered and your groceries are loaded, you’re precise to head. This is a small more step that is required to system EBT bills properly.

Due to this greater step, EBT nonetheless can’t be used for grocery deliveries due to the fact that there is no way for customers to offer their PINs in a safe and exclusive area.


Whether you need to apply coupons, use EBT, or get the right of entry to perks to your buying journey, taking advantage of Giant Eagle’s curbside pickup for your groceries will no longer avert your options.

This handy carrier comes with no more charges and ensures contactless and green pickups. To get started with your online buying, head to the Giant Eagle website or the cell software!

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