Does Sprouts Deliver? (Yes Here’s the How to Work)

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Sprouts Farmers Market Delivery allows you to bring the farmers market to your home without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Creating their website account and placing your delivery order in a matter of minutes is incredibly easy.

Does Sprouts Deliver? (Yes Here's the How to Work)

Orders for sprouts are delivered via Instagram.You can order online using both Sprouts and Instacart websites or apps.Delivery fee of $ 3.99 is charged on orders over $ 35.$ 7.99 Delivery fee applies to orders under 35.There is also a minimum of $ 10 for sprouts delivery orders.

If you create an Instacart account and sign up for their Express membership, you’ll unlock many other benefits, including free delivery!

How Does Sprouts Delivery Work?

Inkart orders are delivered via InstaCart, and you can deliver your grocery in less than an hour.But, first, you need to create an account at Sprouts Farmers Market or Instacart.

Then, using the website or app, you can place your order and wait for delivery via Instagram Shopper!After placing an order, you need to make sure you are at home for delivery.Alternatively, you can choose contactless delivery and ask to place your order at your door.

You have the option of one hour delivery, two hour delivery or you can choose the time which is best for you.You can even arrange the day of delivery in advance.

If something comes up and you are not arriving home on time for delivery, Sprouts asks you to try one of the two things.First, try asking a neighbor or friend if they will be available.If they are, add a note to your order so that the delivery driver is aware of the situation.

Alternatively, you can add a note to leave the grocery in a specific area.However, it is not recommended if you are away from home for long periods of time and are ordering perishable items.

Be sure to include any other instructions with your order, such as codes if you live in a wealthy community!

How Much Does Sprouts Delivery Cost?

Delivery orders of Sp 3.99 are charged on delivery orders for all Sprouts over $ 35.Orders under $ 35 are charged 7.99 for delivery, but orders must be at least $ 10 before delivery can take place.Some are subject to additional fees, such as an hourly delivery fee, but vary by state, location and order.

Below is a complete list of all potential fees for delivery orders, courtesy of Instacart:

  • Service Fee
  • Alcohol Service Fee
  • Long-Distance Service Fee
  • Bottle Deposit and Bag Fee
  • Heavy Fee

All these fees are subject to change according to location, what you purchased, and how many things you purchased.

However, InstaCart Express membership holders can enjoy the benefits of free delivery with discounted service fees for all orders over $ 35.You even get the first two months of membership with MasterCard for free!

How To Order From Sprouts Online

You can order Ankrat online from their website or app.Click the “Order Now” button under Home Delivery on the website.This will take you to the order screen where you place the order.During checkout, you will be asked to sign in or create a Sprouts account.Then, the order is delivered via Instacart.

If you decide to use the Sprouts app, the process is relatively similar.You can also place an order through the Instacart website or app.When you use the Instacart website, there are a few more steps in the process.

Here’s how to order Sprouts online via the Instacart website:

  1. Go to the Instacart website
  2. Enter your address in the toolbar at the top of the screen
  3. Click the delivery option
  4. Then, find the Sprouts store in the list of store options
  5. You’ll then create your order and add the items to your shopping cart
  6. During checkout, you’ll be asked to sign in or create an account
  7. If there are any delivery notes, add those in during checkout
  8. Pick a delivery time
  9. A personal shopper will pick the order
  10. The same or another personal shopper will deliver the order as instructed

Can You Use Coupons With Sprouts Delivery?

Digital coupons are accepted with delivery of sprouts.However, you can only use digital coupons offered through the Sprouts app.No third party coupons are accepted.In addition, there are some restrictions and coupon limitations that all users must follow.Coupons can only be redeemed once unless otherwise stated.

Some Sprouts’ digital coupons have “unlimited” readability but the coupon will be prominently marked in the offer image.

Tyler Bailey, a former Sprouts employee and Denver, CO local, says Sprouts reserves the right to accept, reject and restrict any coupon.Therefore, it is best to follow the Sprouts Coupon Policy before ordering.

Here are a few interesting coupon pointers to remember:

  • You can use coupons found on the Sprouts’ Facebook and Sprouts emails
  • You can use a coupon even on items with Sprouts BOGO promotion
  • The customer is still responsible for full retail tax on the discounted item
  • Coupons are never multiplied – meaning you can’t double or triple the value

Can You Link Your Instacart Account to Sprouts?

If you have an Instacart Express membership, you can easily link it to your Sprouts account.You’ll just go to your profile page and click “Import Account Information” to link the two accounts together.

Not only will you receive free delivery on orders of 35 or more, but you will also have the option to save your address and credit card information for future use.

You can also check your order history to check for errors or order similar items on your next delivery.Instacart Express membership is $ 9.99 per month ($ 99 per year).Instacart also claims that the average buyer saves $ 7 per order, primarily paying for the membership itself.

Does Sprouts Take EBT for Delivery?

Sprouts accepts EBT for in-store purchases but does not accept EBT for delivery.They also do not accept WIC as a form of payment.However, they accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for online orders.

Whether you shop at the store or choose pickup or delivery, Sprouts, unfortunately, will not accept WIC.

Here are a few of the payment methods that Sprouts accepts:

Payment Method Accepted
Cash in-store
Checks in-store
Debit cards in-store and online
Credit cards in-store and online
EBT cards in-store
Sprouts Gift Cards in-store
Apple Pay in-store and online
Google Pay in-store and online
Samsung Pay in-store and online

Do You Tip Sprouts Delivery?

Delivery of tipping sprouts is optional but is highly encouraged to show your appreciation.100% Tip goes to your Instacart buyer who places the order.The recommended tip amount is 15-20% of the total of your order.

Sprouts shopper and delivery driver Kate Plainfield lives in busy New York City and encourages customers to tip their delivery drivers by 25 to 30%.After all, they are at least equal to the hospitality of the restaurant, which usually gives a 20% tip.

To tip your delivery driver, you can add a tip during your order checkout before delivery is complete.You can also choose to add a tip later by following the link provided via SMS feedback.


Not only is the delivery of Sprouts possible, but it is extremely easy and comes with many benefits when you link your Sprouts account to the Instacart Express account.You can start enjoying the benefits of grocery delivery today with just a few simple steps!

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