Does Chipotle Accept Apple Pay? Find It Here

Whether you’re craving a burrito, taco, salad, or sofrito, Chipotle is often the first place to visit. With nearly 2,900 restaurants in and outside the United States, Chipotle is one of the most popular fast-casual eateries.

With so many customers lining up for their signature meal offerings, Chipotle has a variety of valid payment methods. However, it remains one of the few big names in the fast food market that does not accept Apple Pay in-store. Fortunately, that seems to have changed.

After reports of the company working toward in-store contactless payment similar to Apple Pay, it looks like Chipotle has finally onboarded the technology in its restaurants. However, some people may still not be able to physically use Apple Pay at Chipotle, but there is a way around it through the app.

Read on to learn how you can use Apple Pay at Chipotle and what to do if your local outlet still doesn’t support the service.

Is Apple Pay accepted at all Chipotle locations?

As I said, Chipotle has begun rolling out contactless payment technology to its restaurants in 2020, and as such, Apple Pay may not be available at all locations at this time. However, you’ll probably start seeing an Apple Pay acceptance sign on their card readers soon. As of now, some Chipotle locations accept Apple Pay in-store while others do not.

If Chipotle in your local area still doesn’t accept Apple Pay at the restaurant, you can use their in-app payment method (more on that later).

How to use Apple Pay at Chipotle?

If your local Chipotle accepts Apple Pay, you’ll see an Apple Pay sign at the restaurant or on the card reader. If so, you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch to pay for the order, considering you’ve already set up Apple Pay on your gadgets.

Basically, all Apple Pay does is turn any major credit or debit card into a contactless payment method, which doesn’t require you to physically enter payment information. While in the store, you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to use Apple Pay, and both methods are fairly straightforward.

Paying with an iPhone

Find the side button on your gadget and double-click it to pay from your iPhone. You must authenticate your payment using Face ID for phones that support Face ID. Alternatively, you can enter a passcode for it.

However, don’t worry if your iPhone only supports Touch ID. In this case, placing a finger on the Touch ID sensor will work for authentication.

If you want to switch from your default card to another card, click on the default card and make your choice. After selecting a new card, you will need to re-authenticate for payment.

Now, all you have to do is hold your phone close to the card reader to make a purchase. You will see a tick mark and a “Done” notification on your screen.

Paying with Apple Watch

Paying with your Apple Watch is just like paying with an iPhone. You start by double-clicking the side button on your watch to view your default card. If you scroll down and choose another card to pay, it can be changed.

After selecting a card, holding the watch close to the card reader will result in beeps and soft taps, indicating that the payment has gone through.

Can you use Apple Pay on the Chipotle app?

Some Chipotle locations still don’t accept Apple Pay. While you can ask representatives about payment solutions, you can still buy food with Apple Pay.

While some Chipotle locations may not accept Apple Pay, their app has been accepting it as a valid payment method for some time. That way, if you can only use Apple Pay, you can order through the app and have your food ready when you arrive at the location.

To use Apple Pay within the app, use it as your preferred payment method. Tapping the Apple Pay button also makes the same choice for you. You will be automatically charged to your default card unless you choose another one, which can be done by tapping the Next button or the menu expansion button.

If this is your first time using Apple Pay, you may need to enter shipping and billing information, which will be automatically saved for future purchases. Payment confirmation via iPhone and Apple Watch is the same on the app as in the store. When paying through the app, you can also use your iPad or Mac for Apple Pay.

How do you know which Chipotle locations accept Apple Pay?

I explained how some Chipotle locations still may not support Apple Pay in restaurants. In case you’re still not sure if you can use Apple Pay at your local Chipotle, there are a few ways to verify.

According to Apple, the payment method is available when you see the Apple Pay or contactless payment sign in stores. However, if you don’t want to visit the location to check if it accepts the payment method, there is another trick to check its compatibility.

You can use Maps to find places that accept Apple Pay. If you find your local Chipotle on Apple Maps, clicking the “Good to Know” section will reveal information about Apple Pay acceptance. If you see an Apple Pay sign there, that means the restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

The bottom line

Overall, some Chipotle locations have begun accepting Apple Pay as a valid in-restaurant payment solution. However, support has not yet been extended to all of its sites.

If your local Chipotle doesn’t take Apple Pay in the store or support contactless payments, you can still play from your mobile with their app. When pre-ordering your Chipotle meals through the app, you also have the added benefit of having the food prepared when you arrive to pick it up.

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