Do You Know Which Grocery Store Has The Best Flowers?

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else to a beautiful bouquet, flowers are the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion.

Supermarket flowers are attracting customers and grocery stores are becoming more competitive with their arrangements.
But which grocery store has the best flowers? Let’s find out.

Which grocery store has the best flowers?

It depends on your opinion on what counts as the ‘best’ flowers. Are you looking at the flowers or the price tag? Below is a list of grocery stores that sell the best flowers (in our opinion):

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Costco
  • Aldi
  • Hy Vee Grocery Store

What are the best flowers to buy at the grocery store?

When we buy flowers at the grocery store, we want them to last as long as possible. So what are the best types of flowers to buy at the grocery store that will last the longest? Let’s take a look.


Store-bought chrysanthemums are hardy flowers and can last up to four weeks. Just keep the stems tall and be sure to top up the vase with water every few days.


Okay, so carnations are commonly thought of as a ‘clutch bunch of flowers. But so what? Flowers bloom at the end of the day and these grocery store flowers are inexpensive and last up to three weeks.

The lotus

Timeless and elegant, lilies make the perfect bouquet. These highly fragrant, long-lasting flowers look fantastic in any arrangement thanks to the neutral color of the petals. The only downside is the pollen that can wreak havoc. Not only can it stain clothes, it is also quite toxic to cats.

Are grocery store flowers healthy?

Flowers bought at the grocery store don’t get the same treatment as those grown at nurseries or garden centers. Hence they have a short shelf life and wilt quickly.

Where can I find flowers at the grocery store?

Grocery store flowers are usually near fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. Smaller grocery store chains may also place them at the main entrance to catch sunlight and rainwater.

Grocery store flower care

Store-bought flowers are relatively easy to care for and often come with instructions. The stems are usually tied together inside the vase making it easy to move them into the vase.

Instructions often tell you to cut 2cm off each stem and remove any loose leaves before placing them in water. A small bag of food can also be added which should be added to the water.

How to Store Flowers Bought at the Grocery Store

Remember, grocery store flowers are still flowers, and it’s always best to soak them in water if you want them to last as long as possible.

If the purchased flowers are for someone other than you, you can always place them in a sink full of water to keep the stems wet until you are ready to give them to that special someone.

Where do grocery store flowers come from?

Flowers sold in grocery stores can come from many different parts of the world. The flower industry is worth more than $100 billion and a good portion of that comes from the flowers that are sold in grocery stores.

Why are grocery store flowers so cheap?

Prices are very attractive because grocery stores buy flowers in bulk. The store buys them and also pays to package them before selling them to its customers. The more the grocery store buys, the cheaper it buys.

Should I refrigerate flowers?

It depends on the type of flowers that are purchased. Roses, for example, thrive in cool environments and can be refrigerated for long periods of time. However, if flowers are to be admired, why hide them inside the fridge?

How can I improve my grocery store flowers?

You may leave the grocery store with a beautiful bunch of flowers, but by the time you get home, they will actually look tired.

do not be afraid! We’ve got a few tricks that will turn your sad-looking flowers into a stunning display.

Type of vase

The first step is to find the perfect bouquet. A glass vase adds depth to the flowers and you can arrange leaves within one to make them look more attractive.

Divide the flowers.

To get the most out of a bunch of grocery store flowers, why not separate them in two? This way, you can place them in different parts of the house and save money.

Mix the flowers together.

An expensive bouquet of flowers usually consists of two, three, or even four different types of flowers. To make your bouquet you will need to:

  • Buy two to three different bunches of flowers from the grocery store.
  • Remove the packaging from each bunch and cut 2cm off each stem.
  • Arrange the flowers to your liking in a large vase.

You can also organize a large bouquet and divide it into two or three bunches, so you can place them in different parts of the house.

Why do grocery store flowers last so long?

Flowers sold in grocery stores are treated with special plant food and kept at low temperatures to keep them cool. They are displayed in cooler areas of stores near refrigerators to help maintain freshness.

It’s important to take care of your flowers as they travel from the store to your home. Flowers, like all plants, need sunlight, water, and lots of love!


So, which grocery store has the best flowers?
It depends on your personal preference. Maybe you like certain flowers, or maybe lower prices are attractive to you. In our opinion, Trader Joe’s has the best variety and the prices are reasonable.

Whatever you’re looking for in a flower bouquet, we know that grocery store flowers are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.


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