Do You Know What Walmart’s Cashback Limit Is?

Originally posted on November 6, 2022 @ 4:29 pm

Being able to earn cash back is sometimes a godsend if you need a little extra cash in your wallet. This is something that many large retail chains are happy to offer. Fortunately, Walmart offers this service, but what is the cashback limit?

Walmart cashback limits are $100 with debit card purchases and $20 with personal checks. Cashback can be claimed up to three times a day. If using a Store Card or Capital One Walmart Card, the ‘Quick Cash’ feature can be used to withdraw cash in increments of $20, up to $100.

Why does Walmart have a cashback limit?

Each register holds a limited amount of cash, which is why Walmart employees can only offer up to $100 per debit transaction. The limit also depends on which payment method you decide to use.

What are the fees?

Most Walmart stores do not charge a fee. However, it may not be the same for every store, so you can ask the cashier before opting for cash back.

How much do I need to spend to qualify for cashback?

There is no minimum spend amount to qualify for cashback. So, you can buy a stick of gum and ask for it!
Remember, the cash received is yours anyway, so it doesn’t cost Walmart anything to give you the cashback. Most of the time, people use this service to save a trip to the ATM.

What if I need more than the cashback limit?

If you need more than $100, an ATM is your best friend. Fortunately, most Walmart stores have them and you can withdraw up to $3,000 with a mini card. For debit and credit card transactions, the limit varies. Be aware, though, that depending on your location, some Walmart ATMs charge up to $4 to withdraw cash.

For more information on how much cash you can withdraw from your local Walmart ATM, contact the Walmart team and they’ll be happy to find out for you.

How do you get cashback?

Using this service is incredibly easy, and takes no time at all. Of course, cashback is only available in-store, so here’s how it works!

In a regular cash register

Once each of your items is scanned, you can ask the cashier for cash back before inserting your card.

The cashier will then add the amount you wish to your total transaction cost. So, for example, if your total purchases are $30, and you need $40 cash back, the cashier will ring the register for a total of $70.

You will then insert your debit card and enter your four-digit PIN. After the transaction is complete, the cashier will issue your receipt along with $40 cash back. Your bank account will then show a charge of $70.

Check out yourself

Cashback at self-checkout is also an option, just follow these simple steps.

Step No. 1

Scan and bag your items as usual.

Step 2

Enter the payment section and select ‘Debit Card’ as payment. If you select ‘Credit Card’ you will not be able to get cashback.

Step 3

The screen will ask if you want any cash back. Select ‘Yes’ and enter the required amount.

Step 4

Once you enter your four-digit PIN number, the transaction is complete. You’ll then get your cashback and receipt – just don’t leave without them!

Getting Cash Back with a Credit Card at Walmart

In general, credit cards cannot be used to earn cashback. However, some credit card companies offer this service – but are willing to charge some kind of fee or charge. This is known as a cash advance.

Cash advances work just like using your credit card for other purchases in that fees start accruing immediately after the cashback is withdrawn.
The most commonly used credit card for cash back is the Discover card. If you need to use a credit card, using the Discover ‘Cash Over’ program is the best way to use this service, as it does not charge a fee.

We would highly recommend contacting your credit card company in advance to be sure. Hidden fees are the stuff of nightmares!

Earn cashback with a personal check

Walmart has been well-received by consumers for several reasons. One of them is different payment methods.

If you plan to pay for your items by personal check and also need cash back, be sure to notify the cashier in advance as there is a process.

First, you’ll need some form of identification. This can be a passport or driver’s license. On the check, you’ll then need to write the total amount of purchases plus your desired cashback total. Once your check is verified (to protect against fraud), the cashier will return your cash.

The total amount of cashback you can receive via personal check is $20. If you need more, you can always go to a Walmart ATM.

Which store gives the highest cashback limit?

Albertson’s offers customers $300 cash back, which is the highest limit we know of. However, this may vary depending on your location.


Walmart has a cash-back limit of $100 per debit transaction. If paying by check, the limit is only $20. While you can use some credit cards to earn cash back, many companies charge certain fees. Therefore, it is always better to contact the credit card company beforehand.

Cashback is an easy way to receive cash if you don’t have time to use an ATM. The fact that you can get it from the checkout itself is even more convenient! We hope this article was helpful and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Walmart team to learn more.


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