Do Walmart Employees Get a Discount In 2022? Do You Know

Originally posted on August 29, 2022 @ 8:24 am

With nearly 1.6 million associates across the U.S., Walmart is one of the nation’s leading employers. Thus, if you are also looking for a retail job, you may wonder if employees get any discounts or not.

Walmart associates are eligible for a 10% discount on fresh produce and select merchandise. They can avail of this discount by using their Walmart Associate Discount Card in-store and online. The discount card is available to employees (and their spouses) after completing 90 days of employment.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can and can’t buy with a Walmart employee discount and how to use it!

What Can You Buy with the Walmart Employee Discount In-Store?

Once a discount card is issued to Walmart associates, they can use it in-store and receive a 10% discount on eligible purchases. You can buy general merchandise (not on sale) and fresh sensibilities for 10% less than the average Walmart shopper.

However, there are several restrictions on applying this discount through the store. For example, because sale, clearance, and marked-down items have already been sold at a reduced price, employees cannot use a discount card for them. Similarly, there are some other items that are not eligible for discount.

  • Almost all grocery purchases apart from fresh produce
  • Company use items reimbursed for by Walmart
  • Fuel
  • Items for charity events that are paid for and returned by the company
  • Purchases made using tax exemption ID number
  • Eye-sight examinations in Walmart visions centers

Can You Use Walmart Employee Discount Online?

You can use the Walmart Employee Discount Card online to purchase select general merchandise when you shop through However, just as there are limits to being eligible for discounts through the Associate Card in-store, there are also items you cannot purchase using the card online.

Products that cannot be purchased online using a Walmart Associate Card include (but are not limited to):

  • Marketplace products
  • Shopping and online gift cards
  • Digital downloads – album and track (audio)
  • Shipping fees
  • Clearance items

Additionally, Walmart Associates can also find deals in various categories including entertainment, travel, and fitness through the Walmart Associate Discount Center.
Employees can use the Discount Center to claim special deals for Walmart employees from other companies. All associates have to do is click on the “Get Deal” tab to access current offers. Thus, employees are not limited to receiving discounts at Walmart stores. Instead, they have access to many other companies’ products at great prices.

Considering the 2016 median household income in the US, Walmart associates can save about $5,000 a year by regularly accessing discount center deals.

Walmart Employee Discount: Eligibility Criteria

One of the best things about Walmart’s employee discount is that you only need to be employed for 90 days to qualify for the 10% discount with the Associate Card. However, remember that the 90-day period of employment must be continuous to qualify for the discount.

Another benefit is that after completing the mandatory work days for the employee discount, there is no need to register for the card. The system already sends a card to your registered home address for you and your spouse/partner.

For employees who are unmarried at the time of employment and later marry, ordering a card for their partner is easy. You can do this by filling out a discount card application online at or at WIRE.

Keep in mind that the law of the state where the employee lives define a spouse, including same-sex spouses. Additionally, dependents of an eligible employee may borrow the card for personal purchases but will not be issued their own.

Additional Employee Discount On Thanksgiving

As an added perk, Walmart employees who work during the Thanksgiving period are allowed an additional 15% discount on various items. Additionally, the company also extends the buy-to-let with a 10% employee discount during this period.

According to an employee notice published in The Guardian in 2019, the 10% employee discount that does not normally apply to most grocery items covers all but a few grocery products by law. Like fuel, alcohol, tobacco, and milk. . This extended discount on grocery items carry over into the new year, after which standard rules apply. On the other hand, the additional 15% discount is valid for two days only. However, employees must adhere to strict vacation schedules to be eligible for the deal.

When the article was published, Walmart expressed outrage over not paying employees who worked the Thanksgiving period holiday pay. However, according to one employee, an additional 15% discount, making it 25% over two days, is better than receiving holiday pay for an 8-hour workday.

You can find more information about Walmart’s holiday pay policy here.

How To Use the Walmart Employee Discount Card?

To use an employee discount card in-store, you must have it on hand at checkout and use it by swiping it on the reader as you would with a debit/credit card. Before you can use the card, you must register it by logging into your Walmart account online.

You can get the discount using this card online by searching the associates’ page and entering the associate ID and discount card number.

The Bottom Line

After 90 consecutive days of employment, Walmart associates are eligible for a 10% employee discount on fresh produce and other general (generally priced) merchandise. Given that they work the required days through Thanksgiving, employees receive an additional 15% discount on extended items for a specified period. Additionally, the usual 10% employee discount extends to employees’ spouses and can be used by eligible dependent children. Children, unlike spouses, will not get a separate card.


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