Can Door Dash Drivers View Your Rating?

Originally posted on June 22, 2022 @ 4:26 am

As one of the largest delivery services, DoorDash makes it easy for customers to order their favorite dishes from local restaurants at the tap of a button. Over the past year, the company has updated its rating system, allowing users to leave separate reviews for DoorDash drivers and restaurants.

Once the order has been delivered, customers can opt for an optional rating and review for their dasher. DoorDash drivers cannot view individual customer ratings and reviews. However, if Dashers check their overall rating frequently, they can tell which user has left a positive or negative rating.

DoorDash’s newly updated rating system can be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re new to the app.

Let’s take a look at how to rate your delivery, how ratings work on the DoorDash app, and how DoorDash calculates ratings for drivers and restaurants.

How to Rate a DoorDash Driver

After your DoorDash driver delivers your order, you’ll get a pop-up on the app asking you to rate your drivers, their customer service, and your delivery experience.

You also have the option to modify your driver rating and tip if you notice an error in your order.

Here’s how to rate your DoorDash driver delivery if you’ve missed notification on your app or need to modify your rating.

  • Open the DoorDash app, navigate to the “Orders” tab at the upper left corner, and choose the order you want to review.
  • Click on “Rate” next to the order and choose a rating based on your Dasher’s delivery and customer service.
  • If necessary, report any issues related to your delivery experience and edit your Dasher’s tip.

When rating your DoorDash drivers, it is important to focus on their delivery performance, customer service, and hands-off.

Prior to 2020, DoorDash drivers were ranked based on both their service and restaurant service.

Over the past year, however, DoorDash has changed its rating system, allowing users to leave separate ratings for drivers and restaurants.

Do Rating Matter on DoorDash?

Rating on DoorDash is important. Using customer ratings, DoorDash can track the performance of Dashers. For Dashers, the rating determines whether they are eligible to continue driving for DoorDash. Ratings can also help drivers take advantage of special programs and benefits on the app.

Desher ratings are calculated regularly. In other words, as drivers continue to place orders and receive ratings, previous ratings are replaced by current ratings.

After receiving their delivery, customers have the option to rate their food and delivery experience. With recent changes to DoorDash’s rating system, driver ratings should only reflect the customer’s delivery experience.

Users can rate their Dasher on a scale of 1 to 5, and the overall rating of Dasher is calculated from their 100 recent reviews.

Since Dasher’s rating is calculated based on rolling, drivers can get higher ratings if they fall below 5.0 by consistently getting perfect customer ratings.

To ensure fair ratings, DoorDash automatically removes driver ratings that are related to restaurant service.

Specifically, DoorDash removes ratings that are less than five stars due to the restaurant’s long wait times, lost items in sealed bags, extreme weather, and other conditions that are beyond Dasher’s control.

Furthermore, when customers do not rate their Dasher after delivery, it does not affect the overall Dasher rating.

Can You Rate a Restaurant on DoorDash?

With DoorDash’s new rating system, users can rate restaurants on DoorDash based on their dining experience. According to the DoorDash website, restaurant ratings are primarily based on order accuracy, delivery time, and order fulfillment.

In order to get high customer ratings for a restaurant, it is important to maintain working hours, an up-to-date menu with accurate availability, accurate meal preparation times, and timely order confirmation.

Without order confirmation or correct order input, restaurants risk longer waiting times and incorrect orders, which can lead to negative ratings.

This is how you can rate a restaurant on DoorDash and report any issues with your order once the order has been delivered.

  • Open the DoorDash app and click on the “Orders” tab in the upper left corner to find the delivery you want to review.
  • Choose the “Rate” option next to your order and select the restaurant’s rating based on your dining experience.
  • Report any issues related to your order and leave feedback for the restaurant.

As part of DoorDash’s new rating program, the app allows restaurants to view users’ impressions in order to understand their experiences.

Because customer feedback is not reviewed or endorsed by the company, feedback is private, meaning only restaurants can access it.

Do DoorDash Drivers Rate Customers?

While customers can rate their Dasher, DoorDash drivers cannot rate users. Instead, after delivery, door dash drivers are asked how the delivery took place if there was a wait time at the restaurant and the delivery distance. Drivers also have the option to write a reply to the door dash.

Although Dashers cannot leave a rating for customers, they can see the customer’s tip after the delivery is completed by looking at the delivery “breakdown” on the app.

In small towns, in particular, DoorDash’s basic pay can be significantly lower than the minimum wage.

Consequently, dropping a reasonable tip can help ensure that Dasher accepts your order. Whenever possible, a cash tip is to make sure your driver takes home the full amount.

DoorDash drivers can also choose to accept or reject orders, and if a driver notices that you are constantly leaving bad tips or negative reviews, they can choose to reject your order.

If a driver chooses to reject your order, it will be sent to another dasher to accept or reject it.

Can You Get Banned From DoorDash?

Door Dash can restrict both users and drivers. Consumers may be banned for violating the Company’s Terms of Service. In most cases, customer accounts are deactivated when payment for an order fails due to an expired card or chargeback or multiple instances of non-delivery orders.

If your account was blocked by DoorDash, you will need to contact customer service to reactivate the account. Although users may be banned from DoorDash, it is more common for Dashers to be inactive.

DoorDash’s policy to disable Dasher specifies breach of contract and other conditions that may result in driver disability.

However, the most common reasons for inactivity include persistent negative customer ratings, consumer complaints, and low order completion ratings.

Fortunately, for DoorDash drivers experiencing inactivity, DoorDash offers a comprehensive process of appeals.

After your account has been deactivated, DoorDash will notify you of your inactivity, and you will have the option to sue and reactivate your account.

To avoid inactivity, Dashers should focus on taking pictures of all deliveries to resolve false complaints. DoorDash drivers must also be selected when accepting orders.

Since low completion rates are one of the most common reasons for inactivity, drivers should only accept orders they know they can complete.

Final Thoughts

Ratings are key to DoorDash drivers’ success as they affect the driver’s ability to qualify for special promotions and ratings. When Dasher’s rating drops too low, his account can be deactivated.

Meanwhile, because Dashers and restaurants can’t leave reviews for customers, consumers don’t have to worry about negative ratings.

Also, keep in mind that DoorDash drivers can see your tip and have the option to reject your order.

Especially if you’re a regular DoorDash user, it’s always a good idea to treat your driver kindly and give a reasonable tip.


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