Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce Rating From Light to Hottest (Plus Calories!)

Originally posted on May 25, 2022 @ 6:15 am

Buffalo Wild Wings was started by two former Buffalo residents as a way to enjoy the signature of their hometown after moving to Ohio. Since its inception in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) has rediscovered the humble buffalo wing and brought it to the public.

With 20 signature sauces and 5 dry pores to choose from, there’s a wing for each. No matter what your tolerance for the heat or your preference for a wet sauce or a dry vein, Buffalo Wild Wings has developed a fantastic offering of wing options.

In this article, we’ve rated them all from the lightest to the hottest and added some key ingredient information to make your next wing order as safe or as daring as you like!



Salt and Vinegar Seasoning 5 No Common Allergens
Lemon Pepper Seasoning 5 No Common Allergens
Sweet BBQ Sauce 70 No Common Allergens
Teriyaki Sauce 100 Soy, Wheat, Gluten
Lemon Pepper Sauce 270 Egg
Mild Sauce 70 Egg
Parmesan Garlic Sauce 190 Egg, Milk
Smoky Adobo Sauce 35 No Common Allergens
Honey BBQ Sauce 100 No Common Allergens
Medium Sauce 50 Egg
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning 5 No Common Allergens
Spicy Garlic Sauce 70 Egg
Orange Chicken Sauce 90 Soy, Wheat, Gluten
Asian Zing Sauce 130 Soy, Wheat, Gluten
Caribbean Jerk Sauce 110 No Common Allergens
Buffalo Seasoning 5 Milk
Jammin’ Jalapeno Sauce 130 No Common Allergens
Thai Curry Sauce 220 Egg, Milk, Soy, Coconut, Wheat, Gluten
Nashville Hot Sauce 60 No Common Allergens
Original Buffalo Sauce 170 Milk, Soy
Hot Sauce 70 No Common Allergens
Mango Habanero Sauce 110 No Common Allergens
Wild Sauce 70 No Common Allergens
Desert Heat Seasoning 5 No Common Allergens
Blazin’ Carolina Reaper Sauce 60 No Common Allergens

Buffalo Wild Wings sells all its sauces and seasonings separately and works on any of its wings. All of their interior cells are boneless, conventional, and contain cabbage, wheat, and gluten.

Salt And Vinegar Seasoning


Just mentioned on their website, is the name of everything you need to know about this dry vein spice. Buffalo Wild Wings, the lightest of all the sauce and spice options on salt and vinegar, is a safe bet for all those who want to add a little flavor to their wings without the heat.

With only 5 calories per serving and no allergies, this salty and finely seasoned spice is easy on the palate and a great option for anyone who hates spicy foods.

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Described as “picker” lemons with “a pinch of pepper”, this dried vein celebrates the combination of a popular flavor. Although this dry spice is considered mild, pepper lends more than a pinch to the flavor profile.

Sweet lemon notes and pepper cook make it a light but bold option without delay. It is allergen-free and has only 5 calories per serving, making it safe for everyone with dietary restrictions.

Sweet BBQ Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wing’s take on the traditional BBQ sauce flavor with some extra sweetness. This is the lightest of their wet sauce offerings. Sweet BBQ sauce has no heat and is a rich and tasty alternative to spicy feathers.

You will not have any allergies to this sauce and there are only 70 calories in one serving. This sauce is a great choice for boneless feathers for a delicious chicken meal or breakfast.

Teriyaki Sauce

BWW describes its teriyaki sauce as “bold and tasty”. This is a Japanese classic based on soy sauce with salty and umami flavors balanced with sweetness.

In addition to soy, those with dietary restrictions should keep in mind that this flavor includes wheat and gluten.

You can enjoy this sweet and sour, tangy sauce without risking the amazing heat. At 100 calories per serving, Teriyaki Wings are the perfect wedding of Eastern flavors and Western bar classics.

Lemon Pepper Sauce

Everything you like about Buffalo Wild Wings Lemon Pepper Seasoning is mixed with butter to create a complete flavor experience. Lemon pepper wings may have originated in Atlanta, but Buffalo Wild Wings make them a favorite of fans around the world.

Lemon pepper sauce is still a mild option, with no capsaicin heat. It’s a rich blend, with 270 calories per serving, and eggs. If you’re looking for a tasty new favorite, Lemon Pepper Wings has it all.

Mild Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings classify their sauces as “Smiley” and “Screamman”. Light sauce is the last in the line and eliminates their light type of sauces. Buffalo sauce traditionally combines butter, vinegar, garlic and other spices to create a complex, deep and intensely flavored profile.

Buffalo Wild Wings has taken everything that makes Buffalo Sauce so popular and created a version that replaces the signature hat for a more subtle hint of spice.

Unlike most training wheels on a motorcycle, this signature sauce ultimately makes the buffalo feathers a versatile option. This light all-star has egg products but only 70 calories per serving.

Parmesan Garlic Sauce

Permisan garlic sauce is the first sauce outside the Buffalo Wild Wing Green Zone. Still considered light on the heat index, this creamy, cheese, garlic favorite has no shortage of flavors or cookies!

This thick sauce contains both eggs and milk and comes in at 190 calories per serving. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Cold and sophisticated parmesan cheese cools the pungent taste of garlic. It combines well with their spicy options for cleansing and cooling your palate.

Smoky Adobo Sauce

One of the latest sauces to be added to the list of signature sauces in 2020, Smoky Adobo includes chilli notes with mild warmth. This Buffalo Wild Wings sauce is a mixture of smoky and sweet flavors that are balanced with a little chili spice.

Chapotal, cumin, and garlic bring together the flavor profile, celebrating the Mexican classic with a BBQ sauce finish. This sauce has a kick that keeps it close to a light to medium, but Smoky Adobo sauce is still a few yards away from Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Sizzlin” rating.

Smoked adobe sauce has no allergies and is reduced to 35 calories per serving.

Honey BBQ Sauce

Honey BBQ is the most popular wing sauce in the Buffalo Wild Wings. Don’t get confused with the sweet BBQ sauce, this sauce is full of all the flavors you would expect in a traditional BBQ, with the addition of honey there is a balance of sweetness and spice.

The Honey BBQ also includes red peppers, jalapenos, and chapotte peppers, which raise this BBQ sauce to a high heat index. In addition to the sweetness of honey, Gar helps to enrich and thicken this fan favorite.

Without allergen ingredients and 100 calories, you wouldn’t want to travel to BWW and order Honey BBQ Wings.

Medium Sauce

After reaching Medium Sauce, you are entering the “Sizzlin” category of Buffalo Wild Wings, and perhaps with the most famous and most recognized offer.

Medium is a traditional buffalo wing sauce. It has the warmth you would expect and the flavors and pungency that made you fall in love with the buffalo’s arm.

If you are afraid of the heat but are looking for the right way to introduce your taste buds with a more delicate but distinctive kick of red pepper, this sauce will become your staple wing sauce.

The medium has an egg, and this tribute to the original Buffalo Classic will add 50 calories per serving to your order.

Chipotle BBQ Seasoning

This dry rubbing starts to increase the heat on your wings. The rich, smoky flavors of Chapotal Pepper are mixed with traditional BBQ flavors. Peppers are roasted over a fire and may surprise you with the spicy cook you get.

You will taste all the ingredients of this friction, which will make each bite completely tasty and satisfying. The light heat that is noticeable in this friction is less heat and more spice.

Chipotle BBQ Seasoning has only 5 calories per serving and has no allergies to its ingredients, which makes it a crowd pleasing option.

Spicy Garlic Sauce

Rounding off your medium-sized sauces and kicking the “Sizzlin ‘” surface, Spicy Garlic Sauce is fresh on your traditional buffalo sauce. It has the warmth and flavor of a buffalo that you kick on the buffalo’s arm with the addition of garlic.

The BWW advertises the sauce as “buffalo with a clove of garlic.” This spicy and garlic option fulfills this promise. If you are a fan of traditional buffalo sauce, this sauce is a great way to try something new.

Spicy garlic sauce contains eggs and will add 70 calories per serving to your wing order.

Orange Chicken Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings introduced this takeout classic Inspired Sauce in 2020. This sauce includes all the flavors you would expect, soy, orange and red pepper. It has the sweetness that Orange Chicken is famous for, a sweet and sour flavored profile, and an excellent cook with pepper.

The spice in orange chicken sauce is more spicy and less hot and is described as light pepper.

Orange chicken sauce has 90 calories per serving, and if you have dietary restrictions, soy, wheat and gluten can make orange chicken sauce unpleasant for you. Otherwise, it’s a fun way to enjoy BWW style, one of your favorite Chinese food menu items.

Asian Zing Sauce

Asian Xing Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the classic signature sauces. Its sweetness comes from traditional Asian flavors such as ginger, rice vinegar and sugar. There is plenty of garlic, soy and pepper to balance this sauce.

Sweetness is the first thing you taste. Sweetness is the first thing you taste.

It is thick and sticky and contains soy, wheat and gluten. Even with 130 calories per serving, Asian Xing is a must on your next trip to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Caribbean Jerk Sauce

Caribbean Jerk Sauce is one of the less traditional wing sauce offerings from Buffalo Wild Wings. If you are looking for a narrow and somewhat spicy wing flavor that is not affected by BBQ or Buffalo, this is the sauce for you.

With the traditional jerk seasoning flavors of Allspice and Scotch Bonnet peppers, this island classic is a must try. Caribbean Jerk Sauce has no allergies and only 110 calories per serving.

Traditional wing lovers will appreciate how the heat builds up with each bite, and fans of Jerk Seasoning will want seconds of this completely different and original BWW sauce.

 Buffalo Seasoning

Buffalo Wild Wings has all the flavors we like in Buffalo Sauce and made it a dry vein. This 5-calorie, “less messy” alternative to the traditional Buffalo Wing Sauce delivers the signature heat you expect and achieves a full, battery-powered, dry friction.

As with their Buffalo flavored options, this spice contains milk. The best way to enjoy the warmth and flavor of buffalo feathers on BWW fries, sacks, or onion rings is to cook buffalo.

Jammin’ Jalapeno Sauce

With a blend of wine, lime and jalapenos, Jimenez jalapenos sauce was initially discontinued by the Buffalo Wild Wings. However, it was so popular with fans that following customer requests and demands, BWW brought this spicy, tangy, and stressful sauce back to its menu in 2018.

Jalpino is not hot in this sauce, and it has a sticky and jam-like texture.

With 130 calories per serving and no allergens, just an order from Jammin ‘Jalapeno Wings will require you to understand the demands of BWW’s loyal patrons.

Thai Curry Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings describes Thai curry sauce as “spicy and delicious with curry flavors.” This sauce has a spicy side. With red pepper and red curry, Thai curry wings will give you depth of flavor and a lasting kick.

Everything you like about Thai flavors comes together in this rich and flavorful sauce. Heat and spices are balanced by cooling coconuts. This is a perfect flavored sauce that has no hindrance to cooking.

Thai curry has 220 calories per serving, and contains eggs, milk, soy, coconut, wheat and gluten, making it the most high in calories and allergens.

 Nashville Hot Sauce

Nashville Hot Sauce celebrates the difference between hot and spicy. This flavorful sauce knows how to bring heat. It is sweeter than traditional buffalo sauce and does not have vinegar flavors.

In addition to buffalo or BBQ sauce, Nashville hot sauce is a great way to enjoy the warmth on your wings. Initially introduced as a sauce for their chicken sandwiches, Nashville Hot is fast becoming a hot wing classic.

With 60 calories per serving and no allergens, Nashville Hot Sauce is a crime-free way to enjoy satisfyingly warm, Nashville style.

Original Buffalo Sauce

The original buffalo sauce was added to the BWW menu to inspire wing lovers with the warmth and grape flavor variety that made Buffalo Wings popular in the first place.

In this tribute to the original warm wing, there are all sorts of things in a signature buffalo sauce. Butter, garlic, vinegar, red pepper, and hot sauce combine to make this 170-calorie sauce.

It contains milk and soy, both of which add to the richness and warmth you are looking for in this newly invented New York staple.

Hot Sauce

Coming right after the original buffalo sauce, the hot sauce takes on intense heat and accelerates it. Hot sauce is one of the hottest buffalo sauces on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, and it leaves no stone unturned.

There is an element of smoking that makes this sauce a mixture of buffalo heat with BBQ smoke. Heat capsaicin is great for those who love heat but still want a taste of traditional buffalo.

And with no allergens and only 70 calories per serving, there’s no reason not to try this hot sauce.

Mango Habanero Sauce

Some flavor combinations compliment each other, as do sweet mangoes and spicy habaneros. This popular sauce is always pleasing to the crowd. The heat of the Habaniro pepper is almost immediately tempered by the sticky sweetness of the mango.

With no allergens and 110 calories per serving, Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero is one of the best flavors that will help you get more out of the heat of the building even if you are not aware of it. It’s perfectly balanced and a must have on every BWW trip.

Wild Sauce

The hottest sauce before the Blazin ‘Carolina Reaper, Wild Sauce, is the hottest buffalo sauce on the BWW menu.

Wild Sauce has Buffalo Wild Wings signed buffalo sauce base and introduces a powerful blend of red pepper, red pepper, jalpino pepper, and habanero pepper.

The intense combination of flavors provides the best hot wing experience without any allergens and only 70 calories per serving. This is the ultimate buffalo sauce for the bold wing experts.

Desert Heat Seasoning

“Smoke-touching fire pepper” is how the Buffalo Wild Wings describe the hottest thing in their dry seasons. Smokeiness is noticeable in their chapotal BBQ, with some extreme heat additions in the desert heat seasoning.

Like all BWW dry seasons, you can enjoy this heat-forward vein without worrying about allergens or calories. At 5 calories per serving, Desert Hat Seasoning is a crime-free way to enjoy one of the hottest feathers offered at the Buffalo Wild Wings.

Blazin’ Carolina Reaper Sauce

In 2021, Buffalo Wild Wings replaces its original Blaze sauce with the latest and hottest sauce ever. Featuring the hottest pepper, Carolina Reaper, measuring 2 million Scoville units, the heat in this sauce increases with each bite, accelerating its “Scorchin” capabilities.

This sauce is not for the faint hearted, and real heat seekers can take part in BWW’s famous Blazin ‘Challenge. The goal is to eat 10 Blazin ‘Carolina Reaper wings in 5 minutes.

Of course, if you are so fearless, 60 calories per serving and allergen-free ingredients don’t matter. Still, it makes the rapper’s experience more accessible to wing lovers everywhere.


Buffalo Wild Wings’ own signature sauce and baking menu has something for everyone. So no matter what your taste or tolerance for heat and spices, you are guaranteed to find a sauce that checks all your boxes.

With 20 sauces and 5 dry veins, your new favorite Buffalo Wing awaits you at Buffalo Wild Wings!



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