Does Arby’s Sell Roast Beef by the Pound?

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Arby’s Roast Beef is a popular company. It has the courage to do different something in comparison to every other fast food restaurant.

About Arby’s Roast Beef you Need To Know About Its Fan Favorite.

Since then, their menu had many different options for their guests. Although, Arby’s roast beef still holds as their most popular menu item.

Arby’s Roast Beef cuts from the round roast of beef. The price of Roast beef sandwiches is between $4 and $7. It contains 300 to 800 calories. Arby’s does not sell roast beef by the pound, but you can buy their deli meat by the pound. The Classic Roast Beef Sandwich is one of the greatest items on Arby’s menu.

In this article, you can know full detail about Arby’s roast beef, the price, and nutrition of each sandwich, and whether Arby’s roast beef is healthy.

Which Cut of Meat is Arby’s Roast Beef?

Arby’s roast beef is the round roast cut of beef. The roast arrives at the restaurant prepackaged, where it is then roasted for 3 hours in the oven and then sliced.

There have been many rumors suggesting that Arby’s roast beef is fake meat. It is made from liquid, gelatin, etc. However, Arby’s assurance team says that the statement is just a rumor.

The gelatinized broth is the self-basting solution that the beef is pre-packaged. The person who spread rumors understands that the beef in the package is fake.

The broth makes sure the beef is juicy throughout the shipping, roasting, and slicing process.

What Is the Cost of an Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich?

Arby presents different sandwiches. Different costs of Arby’s sandwiches are given below:

Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches Price
Classic Roast Beef $3.99
Double Roast Beef $5.29
Half-Pound Roast Beef $6.29
Classic Beef N’ Cheddar $4.39
Double Beef N’ Cheddar $5.99
Half Pound Beef N’ Cheddar $6.99
Smokehouse Brisket $5.89
Classic French Dip & Swiss $5.19
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider $1.69
Roast Beef Slider $1.69
Roast Beef Slider Kids Meal $1.00


The fans of Roast beef can also take advantage of Arby’s specials that include the popular roast beef sandwiches.

  • Get 5 Classic Roast Beef Sandwiches for only $10 can save you $9.95
  • Formally known as the 2 for $5 deal, Arby’s has since raised its prices. You can mix and match the following Classic Beef N’ Cheddar, Classic Roast Beef, or Premium 9-Piece Chicken Nuggets.
  • Arby’s runs a $1 Classic Roast Beef special on and off throughout the year. Sign-up for Arby’s email list to get notified. sign-up for Arby’s email list to get notified. (By signing up, you get 50% off your next sandwich!)

Does Arby’s Sell Roast Beef in Pounds? Yes Or No

If you are interested in buying Arby’s deli meat without the bread and fixings, you can do so. Arby’s sells their roasted, ham, and corned beef in pounds. Unfortunately, Arby’s roast beef is not sold in pounds.

Arby says that they conducted a survey when determining which deli meats they would sell in pounds, and their customers responded that they only preferred cold-cut deli meats. Since roast beef requires to be warmed and roasted, it was excluded.

You can “bring the meats at home” by driving and ordering the roasted turkey, ham, and corned beef by the ½ pound ($4.99) or the pound ($8.99) at participating locations.

How Many Calories In Each Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich?

The number of calories in each Arby’s roast beef sandwiches is given below:

Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches Calories
Classic Roast Beef 360
Double Roast Beef 510
Half-Pound Roast Beef 610
Classic Beef N’ Cheddar 450
Double Beef N’ Cheddar 630
Half Pound Beef N’ Cheddar 740
Smokehouse Brisket 600
Classic French Dip & Swiss 540
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider 220
Roast Beef Slider 210
Roast Beef Slider Kids Meal 550

The calories that are listed above are just for the individual sandwiches. If you buy the meal combo, then you will need to add additional calories to the above.

Extra calories depend on the drink and whether you choose curly or crinkle fries, but the averages are here:

  • Add 600 calories to Small Combo.
  • Add 750 calories in Medium Combo.
  • Add 850 calories in Large Combo.

What And How Many Ingredients Are In Arby’s Roast Beef?

Each sandwich has unique toppings, sauces, traditional roast beef, and buns that make the sandwich. Let’s know about the specific sandwiches.

  • Classic Roast Beef: Classic roast beef served on a sesame bun.
  • Beef N’ Cheddar: Served with a cheddar cheese sauce and red ranch sauce and with onion roll.
  • Classic French Dip & Swiss: Served with au jus and swiss cheese on a sub roll.
  • Smoked Brisket: Served with a smokey Q sauce, mayo, smoked gouda cheese, and crispy onions on a star-cut bun.
  • Classic Roast Beef Slider: Served with roast beef and swiss cheese on a split-top bun. If you are looking for a bit of spice, the Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider adds jalapeno peppers to the Classic Slider.

Is Arby’s Roast Beef Served Healthy Food?

Arby’s menu, even when in comparison to the salads. While low in energy and one of the healthiest options on the menu, the Classic Roast Beef sandwich contains nearly half of the quantity of sodium you should eat in an afternoon.

There are a few tips you can don’t forget in case you are searching out more healthy or lower calorie options:

  • Stay far from ordering the combination meal as fries and soda add a ton of extra calories.
  • If you do order the mix, ask for the “snack-sized” fries and a small drink, sub the fries for an aspect salad with Italian or balsamic dressing, and select a low-calorie, low-sugar drink choices like food regimen soda, lemonade, or unsweetened iced tea
  • Order the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich (lowest in calories and fats)
  • Order the child’s meal. Kid’s meals tend to be the same old element length we adults have to be eating anyhow. The Roast Beef Slider Kid’s Meal is the simplest 550 calories.

Arby’s Classic Roast Beef sandwich is one of the healthiest options on the menu. But regrettably, even as it’s low in calories, it’s excessive in sodium.


We included the whole lot you need to realize about Arby’s fan-favorite roast red meat sandwiches. Among the various alternatives available on the menu, you now recognize the fee, energy, substances, and commonplace allergens of each sandwich.

Take gain of Arby’s offers and promos because their roast beef sandwich alternatives are often covered in them. Also, recollect our recommendations to make your Arby’s roast beef meals more healthy by decreasing the calories!

Lastly, don’t forget to test with your local Arby’s eating places to peer if they offer deli meat with the aid of the pound so you can “deliver domestic the meats.”

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